3 do’s and 3 dont’s of preparing for Barcelona

3 do’s and 3 dont’s of preparing for Barcelona

A quick guide of how not to get yourself preoccupied with silly problems in the middle of your stay. Preparing for Barcelona is easy with these tips. Avoid calling your parents more than necessary.

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  1. Say yes to some household chores like laundry and cooking (in case you still live with your parents).

As your mom is not going with you, ask her for a short tutorial on making a laundry. Also, check out some easy recipes if you can’t cook yet. You will be probably eating out quite often but it is useful to be able to create something edible from all the stuff you will keep in your fridge (unless it is just a beer). You can also research some Spanish recipes. Try with this list.

  1. Plan your budget in advance so you won’t end up begging your parents for money in the middle of your stay.

There are three things you need to consider: rental of an apartment and the costs related to it, food and fun (drinks, cloths and trips). It is obviously best to spend less on the first two and most on the last one. To make it happen, check out places to shop and search for some cheap places to eat. Here is our list of cheap markets.

  1. Follow your university on social media to know about their events (so you don’t feel lonely and call your parents, you should just leave your parents alone).

Following your university on social media will help you feel a part of its community. You will be also well informed on what is going on. In addition, try to search for Erasmus groups on Facebook and other social media. You want to find friends, not to alone watch shows at Netflix. Start doing it now, so you don’t regret later. Equally well, you can find here some for Erasmus meetings and parties.


  1. Don’t take books.

You are very likely to get all you need at the university. Also, it is just a couple of months which passes extremely fast, so there won’t be any time for reading and chilling. So don’t take books unless you really have to (you can just get something from the library if that’s the case). Also, if it is a book which just lied on a shelf at your home for a long time, how big is the probability that you will read it in Barcelona?

  1. Don’t take notebooks and pens.

They will occupy a lot of space in your luggage and you can easily get them in any shop here. Next point.

  1. Don’t take all the content of your wardrobe with you.

Your entire clothing assortment does not deserve being taken to Barcelona. What you need for a couple of months is: two pairs of short pants, two or three skirts (for girls), one or two long pants, about three dresses (girls), three different pairs of shoes and a pair of flip flops, underwear, a backpack, one or two bags, up to ten shirts, a swimming suit, up to two pyjamas, one light jacket and one warmer jacket. In case if you are a guy, just some shorts and shirts (you probably don’t care anyway). Unless you are a fashion lover, you don’t need anything else.

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