3 poses that make your bum look great on Instagram

3 poses that make your bum look great on Instagram

Want to get the most of your Erasmus trip or a weekend at the beach? Great places deserve great photos and so does your bum. Some proper modeling tips will help you stunt for the gram. Do it in such a way that everyone will want to be you.

1. Shelfie belfie

The hottest trend of 2k19 is just a simple poolside (or side of whatever) pose that will push your butt up. Just put yourself down, stick out your bum, keep your back straight and look into the horizon to gain a mystery effect. The final outcome is worth the pain in the back.

Erasmus Barcelona Asses
Credit: Metro.co.uk

Lovely, natural, and almost innocent. Perfect for a swimming pool party

shelfiebelfie Credit: The Florida Post

Don’t get discouraged by the comments.

congost de mont rebeiCredit:Instagram

A more innocent version perfectly works during the Canyon Adventure in the stunning Congost de Mont Rebei.

2. Peachy bum

This pose gives you all the curves you ever wanted. Just put your leg forward and turn your bum to the camera. Shooting the picture from the bottom will strengthen the effect. You can also put your hand on the leg to emphasize the final message. So many options!

Peachy Bum1Credit: Instagram

A graceful peachy bum will make you sexy at every photo (especially if your butt is even half as good as that model’s one). Good for any occasion, such as the Natural Park Visit and many more!

peachy bum2Credit:Instagram

Just a simple comparison between before and after. A trip to Costa Brava? Now you know what to do.

peachy bum3Credit:Instagram

Peachy bum will be a perfect companion for your deeply thoughtful moments of awe.

3. Bambi

Remember Bambi? Yeah we too. Posing like the little Bambi from our childhood story is the sexiest trend now. This Instagram pose will make you look like a sexy doe on vacations. Just place yourself on bent knees and stick out your bum for better ruining-your-childhood effect. Take the picture from the back if you feel confident enough. Oh deer!

bambi1Credit: Pulzo

You will never look at your childhood favorite’s Disney tale in the same way as before.

Credit:Musa Argentina

If you don’t want to go that far, the Bambi pose also looks good from the front side. #chilling #CostaBrava #boattrip


Bambi is your best option for a fashionable beach pose.

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