Become an artist at our Paint By Number event

Do you like being creative but also enjoy a fun night out with friends? Then we’ve got what you need! Come to our Paint By Number event at Sonora Bar, make a beautiful painting that you can take home, enjoy a fresh sangria and have a laugh with your friends. Painting has never been easier with this DonElton Paint-By-Number kit!

Who is this event for?

Whether you are a professional painter or a virgin in the field of art, everyone is welcome to try their hand at painting. Besides that, it’s a great way to relax and bond with the people you are painting with. So grab that brush, dip it in one of the colors and just follow the outlines of your painting. It’s so easy!

How does it work?

We present you with two amazing offers you can’t say no to:

Offer 1 (€15)

  • Share one painting between you and two friends during the event.
  • One liter sangria or beer.
  • One shot per person. 
  • Discount on drinks and food at the bar.
  • One extra painting kit to take home!

Offer 2 (€5)

  • Come as a group of three people to the event.
  • Buy a painting for only €15 as a group.
  • Discount on drinks and food at the bar. 

And after that?

Not ready to end the night just yet? No problem! At 22:00 we start the Karaoke Night at Sonora Bar with the most trendy songs from all around the world. You’ll even get a free beer to get in the spirit. So sing along and enjoy these memorable moments, because what happens at the Sonora, stays at Sonora.

>Every Monday from 20:00 in Sonora Bar. Let’s all become artists!


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