Best SIM Cards to get in Spain

Best SIM Cards in Spain

Best SIM Cards to get in Spain

Which SIM Card is the best to use during your stay in Barcelona?

Mobile phones have become one of the most fundamental gadget in a young adult life. In fact, it is said that ,on average, a person would pick their phone up 85 times a day. However, when it comes to traveling or moving abroad, it can be a bit of a hustle at the beginning. With the growing evolution of 4G datas and Sim card contracts around the world, the process of finding a cheap and reliable Sim card in another country is conflicting; but not impossible. 


To meet the demands of foreign customers, most operators offer good international call rates. The sim card costs approximately 10 euros, depending on the company.  Some of them offer a sim card for free during promotional periods. When you have decided from which provider you want to get your sim card, remember to take your identity card (ID or Passport) with you; it is needed to conclude an agreement with the company.


The top up rate varies from 10 to 20 euros for a 30-day period and includes an adequate amount of data and calling minutes. Your card can be recharged at the operator’s service stores, through the web application, at ATMs and even at some supermarkets. You just have to enter your phone number and pay the appropriate fee.

For those who are coming to Barcelona to study or work, to make your choice easier,  we are giving you a list of some of our most recommended Sim card providers. These are some of the most popular phone providers in the city as as well as the most reliable.


1. LycaMobile

Best SIM Cards: Lyca Mobile

Known as one of the largest international mobile network provider, Lycamobile has been operating in over 21 countries and has accumulated a total of 16 million customers and still counting! With its capacity of implementing international calls all over the word at the lowest prices, Lycamobile has been one of the most used network provider in Spain, targeting people who don’t want to spend a fortune on mobile devices. If you are looking for something cheap and convenient during your stay, then we highly recommend you this provider.

Lycamobile offer sounds good for you? Check out our Erasmus Welcome Pack and get that Sim card for free!


2. Orange

Best SIM Cards: Orange

Orange is a largely recognised network provider in Europe, operating for many years in many parts of the continent. Unlike Lycamobile, Orange provides a wider variety of products and services such as mobile phones, Wifi TV etc. Furthermore, Orange has also a collection of mobile phones ranging from IPhones to low budget phones. This allows its customers to navigate further than just the internet. If you are looking for a network that provides you fun and entertainment, then Orange is a great choice



Best SIM Cards: Vodafone

Vodafone has, for years, been dominating the telecommunication industry with branches expanding in every continent. Founded and based in 1991 in England, United Kingdom, Vodafone has broaden and developed its services throughout the years, accumulating loyal clients and sponsorships globally. From high end mobile phone collections to Fibre and 4G services, this network powerhouse knows exactly what its customers want and look for.

For more information on tariffs and location of services in Barcelona, please​​ visit the official websites of the operators!


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 best sim cards to get in Spain
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Best SIM Cards to get in Spain. Which SIM Card is the best to use during your stay in Barcelona? Here we give you the best Sim Card providers in Spain
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