Budget-friendly bars in Barcelona

Budget-friendly bars in Barcelona

Barcelona is full of bars, there are so many that it might seem unmanageable and confusing to decide where to go when you are going out. Maybe you do not feel like going to an exclusive, high-end bar tonight? Do not fear! No matter if it is the end of the month, if you are a student on a budget, or if you just wish to save some money, we will have you covered with this list of the best budget-friendly bars in the city!  

L’Ovella Negra

There are two L’Ovella Negra bars located in Barcelona. The bars are very popular and target young students, especially foreign students. The bar provides you with lots of beer and sangria for a very cheap price. You will be able to watch football matches on a big screen and order from a small snack menu as well. The interior is unique and odd but cozy at the same time.

Be aware that the bar is often very noisy and crowded because of the popularity. However, it is a great solution for you if you wish to get tipsy for small money, the locations are great as well.

Address: Carrer de les Sitges 5, 08001 Barcelona and Carrer de Zamora, 78, 08018 Barcelona

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 21:00-03:00, Saturday-Sunday 17:00-03:00

Manchester Bar

Manchester Bar is a bar located in the Gothic quarter that has cheap prices, on bear among others, especially during happy hour. Many people go for the music which is rock n’ roll and indie music bands. The place is pretty small and gets packed early, but it has a unique and cozy environment. The interior is very old and charming with dimmed light. You will most likely get some free peanuts or roasted corns when ordering a bear, and it is also possible to order small meals. Go there if you want cheap beers ‘early’ in the evening and if you wish to listen to something else than just the commercial hits you always hear on the radio.

Address: Carrer de Milans, 5, 08002 Barcelona

Opening hours: Monday 18:30-00:00, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 18:30-02:30, Thursday and Friday 18:30-03:00

The Mint

This bar is named after the prized cocktail ingredient, and it is a mojito-loving place with a red light through the whole spot that provides you with beautiful budget-friendly cocktails. The Mint is a cozy bar with kind of an 80’s looks to it. The cocktails are tasty, juicy, and delicious, and the price starts from just 4 euros, cheaper cocktails is hard to find. Visit this bar if you prefer reasonably priced cocktails rather than cheap beers!

Address: Passeig d’Isabel II, 4, 08003 Barcelona

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 19:30-02:30, Friday-Saturday 19:30-03:00


Nevermind is a cool, urban, and different bar. The place targets young people, especially skaters and hipsters. The music is alternative, hard rock and the interior of the place is very young and colorful with paintings and graffiti all over the walls. One of the unique touches of Nevermind is that it features a mini-ramp, which is located in the back of the bar.

The beer is cheap and the bar provides you with a low priced happy hour as well. Visit this amazing spot if you wish to see a bar that is beyond the usual, and bring your skateboard if you dare.

Address: Carrer d’Escudellers Blancs, 3, 08002 Barcelona

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 19:00-03:00

Espit Chupitos

If you like shots, many different types of shots, then Espit Chupitos will be the perfect match for you. One shot is 2 euros and you can choose from more than 200 different types of shots! There are two Espit Chupitos bars located in Barcelona, and the vibe and style of the place are very mysterious and fun with a very dark lightning. This spot is for the ones who are not picky and who wish to be tipsy quickly, in a fun and experimental way.

Adress: Carrer d’Aribau, 77, 08032 Barcelona and Passeig de Colom, 8, 08002 Barcelona

Opening hours: Passeig de Colom Monday-Sunday 23:00-06:00, Carrer d’Aribau Sunday-Thursday 22:30-02:30, Friday-Saturday 22:30-03:00


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