Cell phone roaming charges end in Europe

Cell phone roaming charges end in Europe

Are you going abroad for Holidays, an internship or your studies and are worried about your mobile phone roaming cost? We have all been in the situation of paying a couple hundred euros as we have been using our mobile data abroad. However, all of your worries end here, as extortionate cell phone roaming charges have ended in Europe.

End of Roaming  fees within Europe

Since the 15th of June, the regulations of the EU have been put in place so that when you use your mobile phone while traveling within the EU, you will not pay additional “roaming” costs. These roaming costs usually apply for calls, SMS and the use of mobile data services abroad. You are now going to pay exactly the same price that you will usually pay in your country, for these services when you go in a country within the EU.

End of roaming fees in the EU; Erasmus Barcelona

Once you used the totality of your mobile plan, the calls you will make are charged, but within the limits of a ceiling fixed by the Committee: 3.2 cents per minute of the call and 1 cents by SMS. If you have a contract with a mobile phone operator which includes roaming services, your contract will automatically put in place the new regulations regarding roaming.

Special Conditions

The Parliament also insisted that the regulation bases itself on the principle of “reasonable use”. In other words, as long as a user spends the same amount of time on his phone abroad as in his country of origin abroad, then he can benefit from roaming at national price rates

End of Roaming witin Europe; Erasmus Barcelona

To fight against certain misconduct, in particular, if you are going to a country where the mobiles rates are way cheaper than at home, then your operator can charge you additional costs if your roaming use exceeds your use of mobile services within your country of residence.

How to calculate how much roaming data you will get?

To know your usable amount of data without additional cost, only if you have a mobile plan with unlimited data, apply this little formula. It is necessary to divide the price of your mobile plan by the current unit price of the gigabyte (Go) (7, 7 euros for 1 Go of data in 2017), and multiply that total by 2. Beyond this volume, you can be brought to pay a cost of 7, 70-euro / Go for additional data.

Calcution to not get excess Roaming; Erasmus Barcelona

Example: If you are a French student coming to Barcelona, and your mobile plan includes an unlimited volume of calls, SMS, and data for 40 euros a month (35 euros without VAT). You benefit of at least 9,1 Go of data [2 x (35/7,7) = 9,1] without added costs while traveling inside the EU.

However, if you do not want to subscribe to a roaming service, you can always come to the office of Erasmus Barcelona and collect your free SIM card, alongside a complimentary Welcome Pack. To know the different availabilities of sim cards in Spain, you can read our Best SIM Cards to get in Spain article.

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