Erasmus Barcelona BBQ Event


Erasmus Barcelona organizing BBQ event for Erasmus & International Students.

If you want to join Erasmus Barcelona BBQ, Please fill the form here.

The Picnic is for a day out with Erasmus and International students so as to also meet new people surrounded by nature and doing your own coals at barbecues, a popular outdoor environment. It has a drinking fountain and bar service.

We will have a meeting point for you in order for you to go all of us together to the picnic and be sure that no one will get lost.

Where?: Meeting point in the middle of Plaza Catalunya. We will have an Erasmus Barcelona flag with us so as for you to be able to see us.

How to reach there? Metro L1, L3, L7 – STOP: Plaza de Catalunya

We can’t wait to meet you!

Here are the prices.

  • Table for 4 person.€10 (€ 2.5 per person)
  • Grill Trolley. €5 
  • Bunch of wood. €6
  •  Charcoal Bag. €5

We will share the cost.

Everyone should bring their meat.

We will bring meat as well.

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