Catalan cooking for dummies

Impress your friends with these 5 cooking tips

We prepared 5 simple tips to contribute to your everyday cooking joy. Everyone on your Instagram will be jealous of how deeply you experience Barcelona’s local culture if you just get those few products.

Local products

Step 1

Put some aioli salsa on your fish, sandwich or fried potatoes (or whatever else as long as it tastes fine).

Aioli is a Mediterranean style of sauce, made with garlic, oil (its name literally means “garlic and oil’’) and sometimes egg and lemon juice. It is very popular in the Mediterranean costs of Spain, from eastern Andalusia to Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. It is easy to make as long as you have a blender, which is not a regular thing to take to Barcelona for the Erasmus experience. But what are our cheap markets for?

aioli with fries

Aioli is a perfect match for the takeaway fries from your neighboring kebab shop.

Step 2

Go for salsa romesco when enjoying your veg or fish.

Romesco is a uniquely Catalan salsa, created by fishermen from Tarragona. Preparing it at home is harder due to its long list of ingredients, but we could simplify it to tomatoes, garlic and nuts. It is especially famous for its duo with grilled calçots (read it ‘’kalsots’’), a type of Catalan onion. It is so important for Catalans that it even has its own festival called calçotades.

If you don’t have money to enjoy calçots with romesco in a middle-to-expensive restaurant, you can just grill a regular onion at home and consume it with romesco sauce.  Supreme cultural experience guaranteed.

romesco veg

Salsa romesco is a perfect companion for your fried vegetables (or baked ones if you are lucky enough to have an oven).

Step 3

Add jamón serrano (or curado, or ibérico) everywhere and pretend that you know what you are doing.

Among all the Spanish delicacies, jamón serrano is probably the most famous one. Its name literally means “ham from the mountain range” and it is usually served in slices. Sliced on your dish, sliced with fruit bits, accompanied by bread and beer, or put in salads and soups… Sky is the limit. Being a chef has never been so easy.

jamon curado

You can also eat it right out from the fridge just like that.

Step 4

Have jamón on toast with olives and olive oil for breakfast.

This is just a fancier version of ordinary toast but it looks rich and fancy, especially with some good filters. What is more culturally enhancing than starting a day with not one, but three traditional Spanish snacks?

tost filtered

The quality of your toasts rises with the amount of filters applied.

Step 5

Get Moritz for dinner.

Moritz is the very first beer brand in Barcelona, dating back to the 19th century. They are proud of being the only brand to advertise itself entirely in Catalan. It is a popular beer in Barcelona and their factory can be found in Ronda Sant Antoni.  Drinking Moritz during your Erasmus experience here will make you feel like a beer expert.


It tastes better in six packs.

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