Popular Spanish Drinks

Popular Spanish Drinks

Spain is one of this country that beside tourism will offer you rich cuisine with different courses and different kind of  alcohol. Today we will focus on last part (we mean popular Spanish drinks 😉 ) and because Barcelona Parties already get some experience in this area, we want to share with you, the knowledge that we have.

Let’s start with our small guide around Popular Spanish Drinks:

SANGRIA– is the most popular spanish drink among foreigners. If you ask somebody what kind of alcohol is typical from Spain, for sure she/he will point out exactly Sangria. Of course you can meet different variation but what is common to all of them, they are the best for thirst during hot days. If you want to prepare at home, you just need: 1 bottle of red wine, soft drink (f.e. lemonade) , stronger alcohol (f.e. Brandy or Triple Sec) and some fruits (apples, oranges, lemons). Proportions depend, how strong you want to get it. Barcelona Parties recommends you to be carefully and don’t make it too strong….. remember you still have to be ready for party with SHAZ  GUEST LIST!!!!!!


Spanish Drink- Sangria


TINTO DE VERANO- this drink is also based on wine and serve very good during summer when it is hot outside. Tinto de Verano is also one of the most popular Spanish drink but it is much easier to prepare it. You just need to mix bottle of wine with some sodas. It tastes even better with small piece of lemon.

LICOR 43– 31% liquors made with Mediterranean citrus fruits. Usually, people drink it after dinner. As the name can suggest, it is a mixture of 43 different ingredients, which include selected herbs, spices, flavor of vanilla, honey, caramel. Licor 43 is not only the most popular Spanish drink but also one of the oldest one. Producer claims that the genesis of this alcohol began even more than 2 thousands years ago!


Spanish Drink- Cava


CAVA– finally we are reach CAVA! This alcohol comes from our wonderful region Cataluña. It is sparkling wine and it is produced in the same way like Champagne but with different grapes. There are 3 main grapes: Xarel·lo, Macabeu and Parellada, all of them are used for white wine. To production of red wine there are using for example Garnacha grapes.

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