Studying during Erasmus: tips for organizing your semester

Your Erasmus semester just started and you’re picturing a life full of international friends, trips, wild nights out, and lots of drinking. You’re not wrong, your semester abroad is going to be all of these and much more. However, there is an unknown factor that should be taken into consideration and that is university. You see, even though we would love to believe that we are getting Erasmus grants just to discover how much sangria can we consume before passing out in the street, we are supposed to study a bit too. Studying during Erasmus and living your party life to the fullest may seem like two incompatible worlds but with these helpful tips, you’ll have no problem at all making them work together.


Know your limits

studying during Erasmus

The most important thing about balancing your party life with university requires is knowing your limits. No one is about to tell you to abandon drinking altogether or count your beers. Epecially in a semester like this. Getting to know how much you can stand before wasting the next day in a hangover is crucial. Studying during Erasmus should be much easier than in your own university but still, you of all people know yourself the best. That includes how much you can handle on a weekday. Make sure to listen to your body, without pressing too much for days. Afterward, you’re only going to end up burnt out, unable to study, or even function properly for those end-of-the-year exams.


Organization is the key

studying during Erasmus

Every single one of my friends hates me when I bring that up! In order to have a balance in your life, you need to have at least a bit of organization. With that, I don’t mean tracking down every single thing you have to study (unless it’s your thing of course!). Just write down the deadlines for your various papers and presentations. You will find it very useful when you can actually make time to be prepared instead of just panicking and struggling to finish a 2000 word essay the night before you’re supposed to turn it in.


Make study groups

studying during Erasmus

Studying is much more efficient when done with a company – at least when that company actually aims at studying. It is also a great way to get to know your classmates more and bond with them outside the university. Studying during Erasmus can be fun and you can share your knowledge with each other. Make sure that firstly, you won’t fail, and secondly, you actually earn a skill or two from the whole thing. It is also interesting to see that you will have students from different schools in your class. They can help you with difficult assignments as each one will take over the part they’re the best at, or have practiced the most.

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