Saturday, October 19, 2019

07:15 Meeting will be at Metro L3 – Drassanes ( Las Ramblas Exit)

All the Erasmus & International students and young people under the age of 30 are invited to join this trip! You don’t need any card or anything else to join this trip.

Get €5 discount and book this trip for €25 ONLY until 23:59 pm, 15th of October! How? Download and install our application “Erasmus Barcelona” on the Appstore or Playstore.

You thought the most exciting beach you can visit in Catalonia is Barceloneta beach in BCN? – You were really wrong.

On our upcoming trip we are going to take you to much more impressive and beautiful places – near water but far away from the busy, noisy city.

On this trip we are going to visit 7 amazing waterfalls and 7 more absolutely mesmerising beaches at the famous coastline of Catalonia: Costa Brava. If your desire is to spend a whole day connected to water, listening to its relaxing sound, feeling its caressing touch on your skin… Smelling its fresh or sea-salty scent while enjoying the sunshine and the surrounding nature, you definitely need to join us on this trip!

We will start our journey in a magical forest where we will take a nice relaxing walk. The route will take us along 7 lovely waterfalls that are falling into tiny crystal lagoons. By warm weather you can even take a dip in these natural baths and chill behind the waterfalls!

After all these, 7 more wonder-beaches will still be waiting for you along Costa Brava. On the second part of this day we will take another walk to witness the true beauty of this famous mediterranean coastaline. Our path will lead us outside of the cities, right on the edge of the coastal rocks. You can expect here incredibly picturesque views of all the hidden beaches with the clearest water, anchored floating boats, typical mediterranean style buildings, breathtaking natural formations of rocks and the evergreen nature. If you are a visual person, you will adore the harmony of the colour combinations here: from turquoise, sky blue and deep blue to all the shades of green, brown and white, infused with some bright pink. All the pictures you have ever seen of Costa Brava will be in front of you IN REALITY!

Join us on the 7 beaches 7 waterfalls trip and let’s enjoy the magic of nature together!

  • The Trip plan

  • 7 Beaches 7 Waterfalls

    • 7:15 - Meeting point in front of Hard Rock Cafe at Placa Catalunya
    • 7:30 - The bus departs
    • 9:15 Arrival to the 7 Waterfalls route. You will have 4 hours of free time here to visit the waterfalls (the route takes 3 hours to complete)
    • 13:15 - We leave to Costa Brava
    • 15:00 - Arrival to Costa Brava route. You will have 4 hours to enjoy this area.
    • 19:00 - Taking the bus back to Barcelona
    • 20:45 - Arrival back in Barcelona



7 Beaches 7 Waterfalls


  • Private Bus during the trip
  • Tour to 7 waterfalls
  • Tour to 7 beaches
  • Beautiful Landscapes
  • Unique experience
Get 5€ discount until 23:59 pm 15th of October! How? Download and install our application “Erasmus Barcelona” on the Appstore or Playstore.
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