A trip to Andalucia & Gibraltar

Friday –Thursday, 22 March – 28 March, 2024

Book your spot for €329 until February 18, 23:59!
From February 19 the price will increase to €349 until March 3.
From March 4 the price will increase to €375.

All the Erasmus & International students and interns in/near Barcelona under the age of 30 are invited to join this trip!

Let us present you the best plan for the Easter break! Visit the charming Andalucia during Semana Santa, which is a very special season in the area. If you want to get immersed into the Spanish culture, wanto to see an authentic Flamenco show, taste the amazing local cuisine, visit emblematic cities, do not hesitate to join us!

Andalucia is a beautiful rocky southern region of Spain, famous for its status as the “Spanish Suncoast” and one of the sunniest and warmest places in Europe. This area of Spain can offer not only amazing weather but also tons of cultural destinations with a variety of architectural styles and breath-taking monuments, of course not forgetting the fun and vivid nightlife!

During the period of our stay in Andalucia, a super authentic event will take place: the Semana Santa. Semana Santa is the week immediately before Easter, that is the biggest celebration in Spain. Although each Spanish region has its own particular traditions for this period of the year, Semana Santa celebrations are nowhere else as special and spectacular as they are in Andalucia.

During this trip, we will visit FIVE cities in the area: Cordoba, Sevilla, Malaga, Gibraltar and Granada.
Note: Gibraltar is a British territory, BRING ID AND PASSPORT IF YOU WANT TO CROSS THE BORDER! Those who can not go to Gibraltar can enjoy their day in Sevilla! To check what document you need to enter Gibraltar, please click here and here

We will spend 4 nights in a hostel in Sevilla in shared rooms (9.1 rating on Hostelworld, loved by our students from previous years).

WE WILL VISIT: (please read the trip plan on the right side of the page for detailed information!)
Córdoba – The city with the rich history and very famous monuments.
Sevilla – A Roman city with stunning antique sites that belong to UNESCO Heritage.
Málaga –  One of Europe’s most popular travel destinations because of its weather, atmosphere and beautiful beaches.
Gibraltar – A British owned territory and it is also the only place in all of Europe where you can find monkeys in the wild.
Granada  – A place loved by tourists for Moorish (Spanish Muslims) architecture and the most famous work of it here is the Alhambra palace!

Let’s enjoy Andalucia and the Easter break together!

  • The Trip plan

  • DAY 1 - Andalucia Trip

    Departure on March 22, Friday

    Our direction will be Córdoba, it takes around 9 hours. We will watch some movies and make some stops on the way.

  • DAY 2 - Andalucia trip

    March 23, Saturday

    • 08:00 - Arrival in Córdoba
    • 08:30 till 09:30 - Time to visit the famous mosque/cathedral of Córdoba
    • 09:30 till 12:00 - Free time to enjoy the city
    • 12:30 - The bus will leave for Sevilla
    • 15:00 - Arrive to Sevilla and check in at the hostel
    • 15:30 till 20:00 - Time to relax and enjoy the city
    • 20:30 till 22:00 - Famous Andalucian flamenco show
    • 22:30 - Time for socializing in a bar/club

  • DAY 3 - Andalucia trip

    March 24, Sunday

    • 08:00 - Gathering for takeoff to Málaga for a day trip (Please, don’t be late!)
    • 08:15 - The bus will depart
    • 11:15: Arrival in Málaga
    • 12:00 till 13:30 - Monuments walking tour in Málaga
    • 13:30 till 20:00 - Free time to enjoy this beautiful city
    • 20:00 - Bus leaves to Sevilla

  • DAY 4 - Andalucia trip

    March 25, Monday

    • You will have free time to enjoy Sevilla.
    • 16:00 - 18:00 - Walking tour with a professional guide in Sevilla
    • 20:00 - Time for socializing in a bar/club

  • DAY 5 - Andalucia trip

    March 26, Tuesday

    • 08:15 - Gathering for takeoff to Gibraltar
    • 08:30 - The bus will depart
    • 11:00 - Arrival to the border of Gibraltar
    • 11:00 till 16:30 - Free time to enjoy Gibraltar. You can watch the monkeys amongst several other things to do
    • Note: Those who can not go to Gibraltar (due to passport/visa issues) we can stay in Sevilla. To check what document you need to enter Gibraltar, please click here and here
    • 16:30 - Gathering to go back to Sevilla
    • 17:00 - Bus will depart
    • 20:00 - Arrival in Sevilla and free time to enjoy the last night

  • DAY 6 - Andalucia trip

    March 27, Wednesday

    • 06:45 - Gathering for takeoff to Granada
    •  07:00 - Bus will depart
    •  08:30 till 10:30 - Arrive to Granada and visit “Alhambra”. The ticket is not included in the price! If you want to visit Alhambra, we highly recommend to book your ticket at least 1 month in advance! Since you will have a full day in Granada, you can book any hour to visit Alhambra.
    •  10:30 till 20:00 - Free time to enjoy this city and have a last grasp of this amazing trip
    •  20:30 - Gathering for takeoff back home to Barcelona
    •  21:00 - Bus will depart

  • DAY 7 - Andalucia trip

    March 28, Thursday

    • 06:00 - Arrival in Barcelona ( we will travel overnight and have several stops on the way)



Andalucia & Gibraltar


  • 4 nights of accommodation in Sevilla
  • Private bus during the trip
  • 2 walking tours with professional guides (in Málaga and in Sevilla)
  • Visiting 5 cities: Gibraltar, Córdoba, Málaga, Sevilla, Granada
  • You will experience the very unique celebration of Semana Santa in Andalucia
  • Unforgettable memories
Book your spot for €329 until February 18, 23:59! From February 19 the price will increase to €349 until March 3. From March 4 the price will increase to €375.
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