Saturday, August 15, 2020

Everyone is invited to join this trip!

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COVID-19 special measures during the whole duration of the trip:

  • Mandatory use of the face mask to access the bus
  • Disinfectant gel at the entrance door to the bus
  • Disinfecting mat on the first step of the bus
  • Disinfection with ozone equipment at the end of each service
  • Air purifier in the air conditioning duct

Join us to the amazing Natural Park Aigüestortes in the heart of the Pyrenees, the
only national park in Catalonia!

Our adventure is starting at one of the entrances to the National Park. Here we will get into 4×4 jeeps
and be headed to the Lake Sant Maurici. By this lake, we get out of the jeeps and you will have free
time to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes with charming, crystal clear lakes, waterfalls, forests and
the mesmerising sight of rocky, snowy peaks. We recommend you to start hiking from this lake on a
route which will end by the Lake Amitges, 2400 meters above the sea level.

After we spent an amazing time and had a picnic in this unique natural space we walk back to Lake
Sant Maurici where the 4×4 jeeps will be waiting for us and will take us back to the meeting point to
our bus where the unforgettable high mountain adventure finishes.

  • The Trip plan

  • Natural Park

    • 6:00 Meeting point near Hard Rock Café at Plaza Catalunya
    • 6:15 The bus will depart. (PLEASE BE ON TIME!)
    • 11:00 Arrival to the Natural Park (The bus will stop in the parking area and you will have 15 minutes to have breakfast, go to the toilet and get ready for the jeep ride)
    • 11:30 4x4 Jeep ride to Lake Sant Maurici
    • 12:00 Arrival to Lake Sant Maurici, it’s time to hike in the breathtaking high mountain area. On the way you can stop by the lakes, take pictures, have picnic and feel the nature. The end of the hiking route is the Lake Amitges, from here you need to walk back to Lake Sant Maurici.
    • 15:00 Recommended time to start walking back to Lake Sant Maurici from the Lake Amitges
    • 17:30 Arrive back to Lake Sant Maurici – Meeting point for taking the 4x4 Jeep back
    • 18:00 4x4 Jeep ride back to the bus
    • 18:30 Arrival back to the entrance of the National Park
    • 19:45 Meeting point to take the bus (where the bus left us)
    • 20:00 The bus leaves
    • 00:00 Arrival in Barcelona



Natural Park


Price Includes
  • Private Bus
  • 4x4 Rides, Bus Stop to Sant Maurici Lake (30 min.)
  • 4x4 Rides, Sant Maurice Lake to Bus Stop (30 min.)
  • Beautiful Nature
  • Waterfalls & Lakes
  • Amazing Landscapes
  • Breathtaking Experience
Get 6€ discount until 23:59 pm, 4th of August! How? Download and install our application “Erasmus Barcelona” on the Appstore or Playstore.
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