Saturday, April 20, 2019

All the Erasmus & International students and young people under the age of 30 are invited to join this trip! You don’t need any card or anything else to join this trip.

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Did you know that Catalonia is not only a seaside part of Spain? – it is much more than that! On our next trip we will show you the real kind of Catalonia. You will have the chance to explore the richness of its landscape and history.

Our first destination is Rupit i Pruit, a real medieval gem. Catalunya is blessed with several well preserved medieval villages, so you definitely need to visit one of the the most famous ones. Beyond the fact that Rupit i Pruit is surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and natural formations, it also spreads a very unique vibe –  you will actually feel like you’ve stepped centuries back in time!

Rupit i Pruit will mesmerise you with its stone buildings from the XVI – XVII. centuries. The stone is so dominant in its architecture, even the name Rupit comes from the latin word “rupes” that means “stone”. Take a nice walk in this special village, cross its wooden suspension bridge and discover its treasures you find at every corner.

In Rupit we will step on a path that leads us to the main attraction of this area: Salt de Sallent. This is the highest waterfall in Catalonia with a total height of 95 m. The most amazing and enviable pictures are taken at this dramatic waterfall!

After Rupit i Pruit we continue our trip at the largest natural lake of Catalonia: the Lake Banyoles, that is the main distinguishing feature of the city of Banyoles. This lovely natural lake – that is mostly visited by local people – will impress you with its crystal clear water, peacefulness and beauty. We recommend you to take one of the routes starting near the lake, thus you can discover its surrounding wildlife and also the city of Banyoles.

Two interesting facts about Banyoles:

  1. Rowing events of 1992 Olympic Games were held here.
  2. The Loch Ness Monster has its relative in the Lake Banyoles: it is said, the legendary Banyoles Monster lives in the depth of the lake even today.

Spend your day with us surrounded by the living history and the impressive nature and write a new chapter in your Erasmus Memory Book!

  • The Trip plan

  • Rupit i Pruit & Lake Banyoles

    • 7:15 Meeting point in front of Hard Rock Cafe, Placa Catalunya (PLEASE BE ON TIME!)
    • 7:30 The bus will depart
    • 9:30 Arrival to Rupit i Pruit. You will have free time to admire the village and to visit the Salt de Sallent. To Salt the Sallent you need to follow a route from Rupit, it takes approximately 30-45 minutes to reach the waterfall viewpoint. From Salt de Sallent you need to come back to Rupit following the same path.
    • 12:50 Meeting point where the bus left us
    • 13:00 The bus moves to Banyoles
    • 14:30 Arrival to Banyoles. You will have free time to enjoy the lake and to take one of the recommended routes.
    • 17:50 Meeting point to take the bus back to Barcelona
    • 18:00 The bus leaves Banyoles
    • 20:00 Bus arrives back to Barcelona



Rupit & Banyoles


  • Private Bus
  • Visit to Rupit i Pruit
  • Visit to the Salt de Sallent
  • Visit to Lake Banyoles
Get €5 discount until 23:59 pm, 18th of April! How? Download and install our application “Erasmus Barcelona” on the Appstore or Playstore.
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