Saturday, December 10, 2021

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Markets are essential in the period of Christmas preparation. On our next trip we will take you to a very special market which will also show you how were days in the Middle Ages.

But what is this special market?

It is a medieval market organized in Vic, one of the most beautiful cities in Catalonia that preserved the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. This medieval market happens here annually in the beginning of December and this is one of the largest and best known medieval markets in Spain.

Before you would ask, why this market is so special, here you have the answer: during the medieval market, the narrow cobbled streets of Vic are filled with stalls in which craftspeople and masters of old trades dressed in medieval costumes offer and present traditional crafts, gifts, food and drinks. You can buy Catalan sweets and delicacies, Christmas gifts, natural cosmetics, jewelry, handmade souvenirs and other products.

Apart from the fair, this event offers you even more: troubadours, jugglers, displays of falconry, archery, puppetry, theatre, and belly dancing as well.

Only 45 minutes distance from Vic, there is a village surrounded by breathtaking landscapes: Rupit. This town will mesmerise you with its stone buildings from the XVI – XVII. centuries. Take a nice walk in this special village, cross its wooden suspension bridge and discover its treasures you find at every corner.

In Rupit we will step on a path that leads us to the main attarction of this area: Salt de Sallent. This is the highest waterfall in Catalunya with a total height of 95 m. The most amazing and enviable pictures are taken at this dramatic waterfall!

Spend a special day with us in the Medieval Market of Vic & Rupit! You will not only feel the unique medieval atmosphere but you will also see fascinating views and landscapes where you better use your camera as well!

  • The Trip plan

  • Medieval market & Rupit

    • 7:15 Meeting point at Placa Espanya in front of the right side tower
    • 7:30 The bus departs (PLEASE DON'T BE LATE!)
    • 9:30 Arrival to Rupit. You will have free time to admire the village and to visit the Salt de Sallent. To Salt the Sallent you need to follow a route from Rupit, it takes approximately 30-45 minutes to reach the waterfall viewpoint. From Salt de Sallent you need to come back to Rupit following the same path.
    • 12:50 Meeting point where the bus left us
    • 13:00 The bus moves to Vic
    • 14:00 Arrival to Vic. You will have free time to enjoy the medieval market
    • 18:00 Meeting point to take the bus back to Barcelona
    • 18:15 We leave Vic
    • 20:00 Arrival to Barcelona



Medieval market & Rupit


  • Private Bus
  • Visit to Rupit
  • Amazing Landscapes
  • Visit the Medieval Market of Vic
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