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All the Erasmus & International students and young people under the age of 30 are invited to join this trip! You don’t need any card or anything else to join this trip or to get our discounts!

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The smallest and wildest but also the prettiest of the coastal villages, Tamariu was originally only a small fishing village.  You will find your peace of mind on beaches with amazing paths of Camino de Ronda and a typical Spanish relaxed atmosphere.

A  hike to Far de Sant Sebastia would not take more than 1 hour and a half and the landscapes you will see there, will leave you speechless. On the way you will pass by Cala Pedrosa and Platja El Cau/Cala dels Gens then, a path of Camino de Ronda will take you to the historical site of Sant Sebastià de la Guarda which consists of an Iberian archeological site from the 6th-1st centuries B.C., a 15th-century watchtower and a 19th-century lighthouse on top of a small mountain. The tower allows for panoramic views of the Costa Brava coastline and contains a small museum.

Aiguablava is a small bay but one of the most famous and exclusive beaches on the Costa Brava. Cala Aiguablava (‘Blue Water Cove’) is, as its name indicates, a fine golden sandy cove with blue waters with rocks that emerge from the sea, large grove of pine trees, and pink cliffs. The sand blends into the delightful turquoise of the water, combining with the surrounding landscape to give it a unique appearance. This cove is superbly conditioned, has few restaurants and the access is really easy, as it has a large car park at its entrance. A nice round path leads to the Parador Nacional de Aiguablava, located very close, at Punta des Mut.

  • The Trip plan

  • Aiguablava


    • 8:45 Meeting at Pl. Drassanes-Paralel
    • 9:00 Departure of the bus
    • 11:00 Arrival in Tamariu
    • 13:15 Meeting point at the same parking area to take the bus
    • 13:30 Departure of the bus
    • 14:15 Arrival to Aiguablava in the parking area, 2 min walk to the beach of Aiguablava. You will have enough time to enjoy the coastal path, take photos, and enjoy the incredible places and landscapes that this route offers you
    • 17:45 Meeting point at the same parking area to take the bus
    • 18:00 Departure of the bus
    • 20:00 Arrival back in Barcelona.



Tamariu & Aiguablava


Price includes:
  • Private Bus during the trip
  • Beautiful Landscapes
  • Unique experience
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