8 Barcelona Instagram accounts you should follow

We live in an era in which smartphones and social media apps such as Instagram are almost impossible to live without. Although we’re advocates of exploring the city the old fashioned way, we cannot deny that following some local Instagram accounts can be really helpful to discover the city. For that reason, we’ve gathered the best Instagram accounts that will guide you the way through Barcelona. From discovering the uncharted beauties in the city to finding the best hangouts. Be sure to drop them a follow!

The best Barcelona Instagram accounts


Expect some mind-blowing pictures from this multi-talented man who originates from Boston. Sam Zucker does it all. Having studied cookery in New York, he saw his own potential and became a local restaurant reviewer, as well as a food writer. When he fell in love with Barcelona, he decided to become a local tour guide and started snapping shots of the city. This ambitious man therefore knows the city like the back of his hand and will – without a doubt – inspire you with his captures of authentic moments in the Catalan capital.


This profile’s feed already tells you enough. Tight lines and complex structures, is what this Instagram is all about. Capturing the variety of facades of buildings, these artsy pictures will fulfil every architecture lover’s wildest dream. Industrial, contemporary or gothic style? There’s a bit for everyone’s taste. Are architectural shapes not doing it for you? Don’t worry, these photos are impressive and satisfying either way! Follow this page and venture out into town. Are you able to spot some of these facades?


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Een bericht gedeeld door Roc Isern (@stoptheroc)


This Instagram is one of a kind. Its pictures are shot by multiple photographers who posted a photo with the hashtag #bcnexploradores. Only the absolute best of the best are selected from this hashtag and deserve a spot on the account. I guess you could say it’s a collective Instagram that gives everyone the chance to show their art to the world. From well known to lesser known Barcelona photographers. When you follow this account, you’ll see pictures of shots taken in places you didn’t even know about. Seeking to discover the city in all its glory? This charming feed will certainly be helpful with that. Can you get your perfect shot posted by using the hashtag? Try it out!


This is the official Instagram account of Barcelona’s tourism board and it works in a similar way as @thebarcelonist.  The difference is that it doesn’t use a hashtag but instead just collects pictures from various Instagram feeds. It’s a fun way to get a perspective on what people are currently doing and interested in, in Barcelona. In addition, they give some useful tips about places to see and things to do. You probably won’t really get to know new places since it mostly captures the popular spots in town. However, places are shown in an original and creative way. So you might learn a thing or two photography wise. Your next shots of the city will for sure be different and more artistic than before. Reason enough to follow this account!


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Een bericht gedeeld door Visit Barcelona (@visitbarcelona)


This one is a very well known Barcelona based Instagram. When taking a peek at its feed, you’ll notice right away that the shots seem almost surreal and contain those typical bold colours of Barcelona. Photographer Eduardo Mur describes himself as ‘a local being a tourist’. He edits his shots in an incredible way, making the city look even more pretty and magical than in real life. Obsessed with extraordinary, vibrant shots? Then this account is definitely something for you!


Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken


Een bericht gedeeld door Eduardo Mur (@barcelonacitizen)


You could have guessed it already but this account features all the patatas bravas you can find in Barcelona. Silly? Maybe… but fact is, finding places to eat authentic patatas bravas isn’t as easy as one might think. Many places rip you off by offering poor quality patatas bravas. Follow this account to not only be sure of tasty patatas bravas but also learn about all kinds of creative variations of this Catalan dish. Edu always tell what’s up and only makes honest recommendations. Curious where you should go for the best patatas bravas in town? Here you have your answer!


Barcelona Travel Magazine’s official Instagram account is beneficial during your time in Barcelona. Their posts are about the best spots, the rich history, cool facts or upcoming events in the city. You will find out a lot in a short time by following this travel account. Its pictures are made by professional travel photographers so be prepared for some eye candy as well.


This is one of those Instagram pages with an amazing feed. The soft colours blend in seamlessly with the overall colour palette. Apart from the page being visually pleasant to skim through, it will make you want to travel to Barcelona. Already in the city? These posts will make you want to stroll through the city to discover the things you haven’t yet.

Stick to our advice and follow these 8 accounts so that you won’t miss a thing, this fantastic city has to offer. Looking for more activities during your stay in Barcelona? Keep a close eye on our website in order to stay tuned for upcoming events. Prefer social media? All the better! Thanks to our Instagram and Facebook, you won’t miss a single trip, party or activity. Hope to see you soon at one of our events!

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