• France – Toulouse & Carcassonne

    Saturday 25th of November, 2017. South of France is a wonderful area with a wide variety of places to visit. In the first part of this trip we will go see the beautiful medieval city Carcassonne, famous for its 53 watchtowers and double-walled fortifications, which offers archaeological exhibits and a tour of the inner ramparts, and […]

  • A trip to Girona and Dali Museum

    Join us on the 26th of November for a one day trip to Girona city and Dali Museum, visit and explore the famous places of the northeast of Catalonia with its rich history and artistic heritage. Only €22 and you buy yourself a fun trip by bus with fun people and a professional guide!

  • South of France – Montpellier & Nimes

    Join us on the 16th of December on a day trip to South of France by bus! Only €40 for a wonderful opportunity to visit Nimes and Montpellier – two of the most gorgeous areas in South of France. Not only will you see a lot of beautiful historical places with a professional guide, but you will also be able to meet new people, make unforgettable memories and have the best time!

  • A trip to Andalucia & Gibraltar

    Join us on from 5th – 11th of December 2017 a trip to Andalucia and let’s visit Granada, Seville and Cordoba. You will have accommodation, transportation, walking tours and of course lots of fun! So do not hesitate, check it out, grab a ticket and create some memories!

  • Morocco

    The Magical Charm of Africa anytime 4 days/nights This is one of our very special trips. It is special because it is our only trip outside of Europe. The destination is Africa, the very place we have seen and heard about so many times in tv and especially documentary movies. Morocco is a very colorful […]

  • Ski trip to Andorra

    Want to have quality time In Januari 2018 ? Let’s go skiing in Andorra! Winter activities, new people, new memories, parties – everything is included! Don’t hesitate, grab your ticket and come with us!

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