Articles about BCN

Articles about BCN

  • Best flamenco shows in Barcelona

      Discover all the Best flamenco shows in Barcelona! If you think about Spain, the stereotypical images of tapas, dancing, parties or beaches might pop-up in your head. Here, we’d like to share with you another one; flamenco. It originates from Andalusia, but it is now found in most of Spain, with every city having […]

  • Best tapas bars Barcelona

      Try delicious tapas in one of the best tapas bars Barcelona! Visiting Barcelona obliges you to try at least one time their delicious tapas. Spain and thus also Barcelona are famous for this kind of eating style. In fact, eating tapas or ‘tapear’ – Spanish verb for eating tapas – stands for sharing some […]

  • Free things to do in Barcelona

    Enjoy the best free things to do in Barcelona! Barcelona has a great offer of all kinds of museums. From art to chocolate museums, this wonderful city has it all! You will benefit of rich cultural environment. However, a lot of these museums aren’t free, it might be an additional financial burden for you. Especially for students, […]

  • Best Beaches in Barcelona

    Discover all the Best Beaches in Barcelona! Barcelona is one of the cities you have to visit at least once in your life. It has everything, sun, sea, nightlife and good food and delicious cocktails for reasonable prices. If you are a student, you will enjoy the extraordinary nightlife and the beautiful beaches it offers. But with […]

  • How to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona

    All the safety tips you need to know to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona! When you are visiting a new city, then you probably already asked yourself, “Is this city safe?” “Should I bring valuable belongings?” “Where should I pay attention to?” et cetera. If you are planning on coming to Barcelona for business, a holiday, or an Erasmus program, please be aware […]

  • Best libraries and spots to study in Barcelona

    Study and Revise in peace and efficiency in Barcelona’s best libraries and spots! If you are a student in Barcelona, with the revision period looming, you are probably looking for a quiet place out of your home to revise. In a lively city like Barcelona, you might be surprised at the several options such as […]

  • Best gyms for students in Barcelona

    Best gyms for students in Barcelona Of course, while going out almost every night, it is important to stay fit too. Now and then you should go for a jog or go to the gym to keep your lifestyle balanced and your body on point. Besides the fact that your body will look fit and tight, working out will […]

  • Local Dishes you Have to Try in Barcelona

      Local dishes you must try in Barcelona To get to know the Catalonian culture better, you must try some of the traditional dishes. For the local people, eating together is a perfect chance to meet, talk and enjoy free time with friends and family. The food and drinks are, of course, a perfect accompaniment for it! Typical Spanish […]

  • Things to do in Barcelona

    Things to do in Barcelona Barcelona is a versatile city with a lot of activities and sights. When it is your first time in Barcelona, the city will amaze you with its beautiful architecture and labyrinth streets. There are so many things to do in Barcelona, so you have a broad list to choose between, such as beach activities, tours, tastings, museums and more.  To […]

  • Best Day Trips from Barcelona

    Best Day Trips from Barcelona Do you want to go away from Barcelona during the weekend or day off at school? There are several cities and villages around the city that are worth visiting. Throughout this article we will give some ideas for a day trips from Barcelona with your friends. You can organize a […]

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