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Articles Posted by the Author

Articles Posted by the Author

  • Christmas markets close to Barcelona

    Christmas markets close to Barcelona You are living in Barcelona but searching for more amazing Christmas markets? Yeees, we know Christmas markets are the best, Christmas is so a magical time of the year that you can’t miss it, especially when you are living in Barcelona! From here you have so many cheap flights, trips, […]

  • Christmas markets in Barcelona

    Christmas markets in Barcelona In a city with so much to do and see, there’s no reason to limit yourself to just one district. That’s why we love Barcelona! The Catalan capital brims with unique places to explore, from its famous Gothic Quarter to the trendy Eixample District. But that’s not all. There are plenty […]

  • Best cafes in Barcelona – our TOP #5

    Best cafes in Barcelona – our TOP #5 Barcelona is a place where you can find numerous lovely cafés. For many years the culture of drinking specialty coffee made of good quality grains was expanding in Catalonia and now the city became a gem to explore this kind of activity. Everybody loves their morning coffee, […]

  • Top 5+1 places for craft beer in Barcelona

    Top 5+1 places for craft beer in Barcelona   Are you looking for the best places for craft beer in Barcelona? There is a very developed culture around beer. A lot of people love craft beers and there are millions of different kinds. In Barcelona people just love “Cerveza”, which means of course beer and […]

  • Top 5 places to skate in Barcelona

    Top 5 places to skate in Barcelona Barcelona is the favorite city for many skaters from all around the world. It is the European skateboard capital. You are here for your Erasmus exchange or internship so for sure you will have the opportunity to try this amazing activity. In case you are already a skater, […]

  • Best clubs for Halloween in Barcelona

    As an Erasmus student, intern, or just a curious person you for sure want to know how Catalans celebrate Halloween. Halloween is not a traditional holiday in Spain either in Europe, however it grows more in popularity every year. In Barcelona, modern customs and typical Catalan traditions are mixed up and as a result of […]

  • Unique outdoor activities in Barcelona

    Outdoor activities are fun either way but trying these unique outdoor activities in Barcelona is something totally different! Your mind will be stimulated in places like never before. But in most cases, you will not only be challenged mentally but also physically. You’re probably getting a little spooked now about the bold suggestions we’re about […]

  • Best trips from Barcelona for students

    We all know that feeling of wanting to switch things up once in a while. When you’re an Erasmus student who’s living in the city, this is no different. Sometimes you just yearn for a change of scenery. And that’s totally fine. In fact you’re not alone. Lots of international students join our trips to […]

  • Gaudí houses in Barcelona you must see

    Barcelona and architecture go hand in hand. When strolling through the spectacular city, it’s almost impossible for the characterizing architecture to be left unnoticed. The one who had the biggest part in all of that? Antoni Gaudí of course! Our guess is that you’ve heard of him before… His iconic buildings – with the typical […]

  • Picnic in Barcelona at these top 8 places

    Picnics are so much fun! Don’t you agree? It’s the perfect moment to catch up with your friends while being able to truly relax and enjoy some good food and fresh drinks. When the sun’s out, picnicking is one of the most accessible and cheapest activities to do. That’s why many people spread out their […]

  • 7 best restaurants for paella in Barcelona

    Once a simple rice dish made from leftovers, is now Spain’s most famous culinary food. You won’t have a hard finding a place that serves paella. However finding a place where you can eat an authentic paella is not so evident. And let’s be honest, of all things you should definitely eat in Barcelona, a traditional, […]

  • 8 Barcelona Instagram accounts you should follow

    We live in an era in which smartphones and social media apps such as Instagram are almost impossible to live without. Although we’re advocates of exploring the city the old fashioned way, we cannot deny that following some local Instagram accounts can be really helpful to discover the city. For that reason, we’ve gathered the […]

  • How to meet new people in Barcelona – FAST

    Wondering how to encounter other students and make friends when you’re new in town? This article will help you get the job done! You’ll discover some useful tips and tricks on how to make your stay in ‘the city of prodigies’ the most memorable time of your life. Whether you are studying, working or living […]

  • Meilleures boîtes de Barcelone

    Meilleures boîtes de Barcelone

    Meilleures boîtes de Barcelone Si tu as été accepté en Eramus ou en stage à Barcelone, la probabilité que tu sois un sacré fêtard est élevée ! Est-ce qu’on se trompe ? 🤔 Mais évidemment, malgré les bourses de mobilité, sortir dans les boîtes et les bars n’est pas forcément donné… Et bien c’est faux […]


    Tuesday, November 29, 2022 Beer pong addicts, join our crazy tournament this Tuesday 🍻 at Sonora Sport Tavern at 22:00 Click here to register! By registrating, you will have a secured spot until 21:30! If you arrive past that time, we might give your spot to a team who didn’t register online. The tournament is […]

  • Skip Lines at the Club with Shaz List

    SKIP LINES AT THE CLUB WITH SHAZ LIST There are only two ways to enter the club without queuing! You either decide to be very rude and get bad looks from everyone waiting while you try to skip lines (which is not even an effective method), or you can also SAY SHAZ LIST AT THE […]

  • Free Birthday Celebrations with Shaz List

    FREE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS WITH SHAZ LIST Is it your birthday? ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! Check out our free birthday celebrations with Shaz List🥳 Check out our free birthday celebrations with Shaz List We’ve heard that you would like to spend a special night at the club to celebrate, is that right? Well, it’s your lucky day then, […]

  • Saturday Parties – Downtown, Sutton & Duvet

    Saturday Parties Weekends in Barcelona are made to PARTY, especially on our Saturday Parties! Meet new students to dance and have fun with, without emptying your wallet! DOWNTOWN Only with Shaz List, you’ll get: Free entry until 01:00 (but make sure to be there at 23:45) Skip lines (enter on the left and say “Shaz […]

  • Friday Parties – Downtown, Sutton & Duvet

    FRIDAY PARTIES with Shaz List It’s Friday again 🎵 Which means it’s time to party with Shaz List! Join our Friday Parties available every week. Recommended Friday Party: Downtown Only with Shaz List, you’ll get: Free entry until 01:00 (but make sure to be there at 23:45) Skip lines (enter on the Right and say […]

  • The cosiest study cafés in Barcelona

    The cosiest study cafés in Barcelona and where to find them Remote studying and working can be either a blessing or a curse. During these times, it may be difficult to say with certainty whether your Erasmus experience – at least one part of it – will be in front of a computer or not. […]

  • 4+1 ways to make friends in Barcelona

    Now that you just arrived to the city, found an apartment: you are ready to explore! But there is one problem, you don’t know anyone here yet. Well, we have the solution. With Erasmus Barcelona by Shaz, you will make friends in Barcelona and this semester will quickly become the best time of your life. […]

  • 3 must-visit historical cafes in Barcelona

    3 must-visit historical cafes in Barcelona  Museums and historical sites are a great way to discover the real city a bit more, but something else that works great is trying to visit some cafes or restaurants that have been a part of history themselves. So here we have listed three of the most important historical […]

  • 4 better beaches than Barceloneta

    4 better beaches than Barceloneta Want to go to the beach but you’re tires of Barceloneta? We got you. Escaping the dirty sand is easier than you think. Platja de la Nova Icària This beach is real close to Barceloneta, north from the beach clubs! Locals love it as it is the perfect choice to […]

  • Erasmus Meetings, Make Friends in Barcelona

    Wondering how to make friends in Barcelona? Easy: step 1, join our Erasmus Meetings in Barcelona!  Every year hundreds of Erasmus & International students from Germany, France, Mexico, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Turkey, Greece, Czech Republic, Croatia, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, and many other countries participate in our welcome meetings. Most of […]

  • 4 cheap supermarkets in Barcelona

    4 cheap supermarkets in Barcelona We have shopped in each market so you don’t have to. Searching for cheap food? Getting to know proper places to shop is usually hard, so if you want to find the cheapest supermarkets in Barcelona, just look at the list we made. #1 Mercadona ($) Mercadona is an originally […]

  • Unique vintage shops and markets in Barcelona

    Unique vintage shops and markets in Barcelona Second-hand shops have never been as popular as today, and thus Barcelona has the perfect ones to shop at. Find your new favorite ones below and let the shopping begin! Els Encants Vells The old and charming Els Encants Vells is Barcelona’s oldest, biggest and real permanent flea […]

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