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Articles Posted by the Author

Articles Posted by the Author

  • Erasmus Meetings, Make Friends in Barcelona

    Wondering how to make friends in Barcelona? Easy: step 1, join our Erasmus Meetings in Barcelona!  Every year hundreds of Erasmus & International students from Germany, France, Mexico, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Turkey, Greece, Czech Republic, Croatia, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Lithuania, Russia, Latvia and many other countries participate in our welcome meetings. Most of […]

  • Catalan cooking for dummies

    Impress your friends with these 5 cooking tips We prepared 5 simple tips to contribute to your everyday cooking joy. Everyone on your Instagram will be jealous of how deeply you experience Barcelona’s local culture if you just get those few products. Step 1 Put some aioli salsa on your fish, sandwich or fried potatoes […]

  • Extraordinary concert venues in Barcelona

    Extraordinary concert venues in Barcelona Barcelona is a lively city with high spirits, a unique atmosphere, people who are great at enjoying life, and a big love for music. Going to a concert on a night out, listening to good music with the people you love, are a magnificent way to spend a night in […]

  • 6 amazing theatres in Barcelona

    6 amazing theatres in Barcelona The theater is a part of Barcelona’s culture, and there are many theatre houses all over the city where it is possible to experience theatre pieces in both English, Spanish, and Catalan. Whether you enjoy classical or modern pieces, musicals, comedies, dance, alternative theatre, or something completely different, it will […]

  • What to pack for Barcelona

    What to pack for Barcelona! Packing for your stay in Barcelona should be very well organized. To have some empty space in your luggage before leaving your home is definitely recommended, then you will have space for unique items that your Barcelona shopping will offer you. To make it easy and manageable for you, we […]

  • Budget-friendly bars in Barcelona

    Budget-friendly bars in Barcelona Barcelona is full of bars, there are so many that it might seem unmanageable and confusing to decide where to go when you are going out. Maybe you do not feel like going to an exclusive, high-end bar tonight? Do not fear! No matter if it is the end of the […]

  • Unusual museums in Barcelona

    Unusual museums in Barcelona Barcelona is a historic city full of museums. Have you already visited the well-known and very touristy ones, and do you wish to experience some fun, unique and rare museums? Stop looking, you have come to the right place. See the list of 5 unusual museums below, plan your visit, and […]

  • How to get from A to B in Barcelona

    How to get from A to B in Barcelona Whether you are staying in a touristy area, a local area, the city center or far from the city center, there are many different facilities in the beautiful city of Barcelona that easily will get you from A to B all year round. See the opportunities […]

  • Stay safe in Barcelona

    Stay safe in Barcelona  Barcelona has an unfortunate reputation of suffering from many pickpockets and scammers. But should you feel unsafe when staying in the city? Do not fear, this guide will help you enjoy the beautiful city of Barcelona while feeling safe.             Be around people Being around your friends/family, or just sticking to […]

  • The secret spots of Barcelona

    Best places to visit in Barcelona The Secret spots of Barcelona   Sagrada Familia, Arc de Triomf, Casa Batllo… We all know these typical places in Barcelona that we definitely have to visit ones. However, there is so much more to Barcelona that is unknown to the tourists and even sometimes the locals. In this […]

  • Things to do in Barcelona without alcohol 

      Things to do in Barcelona without alcohol  If you already have come to Barcelona as an Erasmus student you definitely know that alcohol is a very important part of the student’s life. It’s everywhere; on the beach, in your fridge, on every dinner and meeting. It’s really hard to avoid it! Well, you can try but then, the […]

  • Stages of life after Erasmus

    Stages of life after Erasmus Your Erasmus life is coming to an end and we all know how difficult this can be! I mean, we all did not anticipate how great it would be but it probably turned out to be one the best experience in our life! If this is the case for you, […]

  • Best shopping centers in Barcelona

      Best shopping centers in Barcelona Barcelona is well known for all its party and beach, however, all the fan of fashion out there know that it is a great place for shopping.  In this article, we present to you the best shopping centers that is spread all around the city of Barcelona. Have a […]

  • Outdoor pools in Barcelona

    Outdoor pools in Barcelona It’s summer time and it’s starting to be very hot in Barcelona. Also, this season te beach tends to be crowded and can, therefore, feel overwhelming. Then, how about trying out the different outdoor pools of the city and spend some quality time with your friends and family, while cooling off? […]

  • English cinemas in Barcelona

    Visit the best English cinemas in Barcelona! Studying abroad is very exciting and connected with a lot of new impressions. Meeting new students and exploring the city will be part of your Erasmus semester abroad. Going to the cinema is a perfect activity for relaxed evenings. But watching a movie in Spanish or even Catalan […]

  • Watersports in Barcelona

    Barcelona Best Watersports! Are you looking for a fun way to blow off some steam this summer? Let us show you the variety of watersports which you can do in Barcelona. For all who are looking for an exciting experience, these activities are an excellent way to face the Spanish heat this summer while enjoying […]

  • Cell phone roaming charges end in Europe

    Cell phone roaming charges end in Europe Are you going abroad for Holidays, an internship or your studies and are worried about your mobile phone roaming cost? We have all been in the situation of paying a couple hundred euros as we have been using our mobile data abroad. However, all of your worries end […]

  • Best brunch places in Barcelona

    Visit the best brunch places in Barcelona! What’s better than waking up late on the weekends and indulging yourself in the lazy and relaxing atmosphere in some of the best brunch places in Barcelona? Brunch is the perfect way to start your day and to reward yourself for the hard work throughout the week. It […]

  • The best parks in Barcelona

    Discover the best parks in Barcelona! Summer is here and therefore, the beaches are getting more and more crowded. If you are looking for some place to rest or do your jogging while enjoying some refreshing shades area; then keep reading our article on the best parks in Barcelona! 1. Ciutadella Park Let start with the […]

  • Barcelona through TV Shows, Movies, and Music!

    Barcelona through TV Shows, Movies, and Music! TV shows, movies, and songs have been referencing Barcelona and using it either as an anecdote or a filming set for decades, contributing to the growth of tourism from cineast fans. I mean why not mention one of the best European cities in your production right? Be careful, this […]

  • Cost of living in Barcelona

    Cost of living in Barcelona You just arrived in Barcelona and one of the first thing you are wondering about is how much your stay here will cost you! As a student or an Erasmus, money is an important question to deal with; and this is why we have decided to write an article on […]

  • Best flamenco shows in Barcelona

      Discover all the Best flamenco shows in Barcelona! If you think about Spain, the stereotypical images of tapas, dancing, parties or beaches might pop-up in your head. Here, we’d like to share with you another one; flamenco. It originates from Andalusia, but it is now found in most of Spain, with every city having […]

  • Best tapas bars Barcelona

      Try delicious tapas in one of the best tapas bars Barcelona! Visiting Barcelona obliges you to try at least one time their delicious tapas. Spain and thus also Barcelona are famous for this kind of eating style. In fact, eating tapas or ‘tapear’ – Spanish verb for eating tapas – stands for sharing some […]

  • Free things to do in Barcelona

    Enjoy the best free things to do in Barcelona! Barcelona has a great offer of all kinds of museums. From art to chocolate museums, this wonderful city has it all! You will benefit of the rich cultural environment. However, a lot of these museums aren’t free, it might be an additional financial burden for you. Especially for […]

  • Best Beaches in Barcelona

    Discover all the Best Beaches in Barcelona! Barcelona is one of the cities you have to visit at least once in your life. It has everything, sun, sea, nightlife and good food and delicious cocktails for reasonable prices. If you are a student, you will enjoy the extraordinary nightlife and the beautiful beaches it offers. But with […]

  • How to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona

    All the safety tips you need to know to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona! When you are visiting a new city, then you probably already asked yourself, “Is this city safe?” “Should I bring valuable belongings?” “Where should I pay attention to?” et cetera. If you are planning on coming to Barcelona for business, a holiday, or an Erasmus program, please be aware […]

  • Best gyms for students in Barcelona

    Best gyms for students in Barcelona Of course, while going out almost every night, it is important to stay fit too. Now and then you should go for a jog or go to the gym to keep your lifestyle balanced and your body on point. Besides the fact that your body will look fit and tight, working out will […]

  • Local Dishes you Have to Try in Barcelona

      Local dishes you must try in Barcelona  LOCAL DISHES IN BARCELONA To get to know the Catalonian culture better, you must try some of the traditional dishes. For the local people, eating together is a perfect chance to meet, talk and enjoy free time with friends and family. The food and drinks are, of course, a perfect accompaniment […]

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