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Articles Posted by the Author

Articles Posted by the Author

  • Barcelona through TV Shows, Movies, and Music!

    Barcelona through TV Shows, Movies, and Music! TV shows, movies, and songs have been referencing Barcelona and using it either as an anecdote or a filming set for decades, contributing to the growth of tourism from cineast fans. I mean why not mention one of the best European cities in your production right? Be careful, this […]

  • Cost of living in Barcelona

    Cost of living in Barcelona You just arrived in Barcelona and you are wondering how much your stay here will cost you! As a student, money is an important question to deal with. This is why we wrote an article about the cost of living in Barcelona which we hope will help you in planning […]

  • Best Flamenco Shows In Barcelona

      Discover all the Best flamenco shows in Barcelona! If you think about Spain, the stereotypical images of tapas, dancing, parties or beaches might pop-up in your head. Here, we’d like to share with you another one; flamenco. It originates from Andalusia, but it is now found in most of Spain, with every city having […]

  • TOP 5 Tapas Bars In Barcelona

      Try delicious tapas in one of the best tapas bars Barcelona! Barcelona comes with delicious tapas. Did you know that eating tapas or ‘tapear’ – Spanish verb for eating tapas – stands for sharing some small aperitif snacks, often accompanied by a typical Spanish alcoholic drink such as cava, sangria, tinto de verano or […]

  • Free things to do in Barcelona

    Enjoy the best free things to do in Barcelona! Barcelona has a great offer of all kinds of museums. From art to chocolate museums, this wonderful city has it all! You will benefit of the rich cultural environment. However, a lot of these museums aren’t free, it might be an additional financial burden for you. Especially for […]

  • Best Beaches In Barcelona

    Discover all the Best Beaches in Barcelona! Barcelona is one of the cities you have to visit at least once in your life. It has everything, sun, sea, nightlife and good food and delicious cocktails for reasonable prices. If you are a student, you will enjoy the extraordinary nightlife and the beautiful beaches it offers. But with […]

  • How To Avoid Pickpockets In Barcelona

    All the safety tips you need to know to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona! When you are visiting a new city, then you probably already asked yourself, “Is this city safe?” “Should I bring valuable belongings?” “Where should I pay attention to?” et cetera. If you are planning on coming to Barcelona for business, a holiday, or an Erasmus program, please be aware […]

  • Best Gyms For Students In Barcelona

    Best gyms for students in Barcelona Are you looking for somewhere perfect to work out? Luckily, the city has a lot of nice gyms available for a reasonable price. Here is a list of the best gyms for students in Barcelona! Simply Gym Simply Gym is a fully equipped fitness center for a very reasonable price. […]

  • Local Dishes You Have to Try in Barcelona

    Local dishes you must try in Barcelona To get to know the Catalonian culture better, you must try some of the local dishes in Barcelona. Typical Spanish dishes are rather simple and usually made of local products. The most common ingredients are vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, artichokes, eggplants), meat, especially pork sausages and cured hams, and […]

  • Things To Do In Barcelona

    Things to do in Barcelona Barcelona is a versatile city with a lot of activities and sights. When it is your first time in Barcelona, the city will amaze you with its beautiful architecture and labyrinth streets. There are so many things to do in Barcelona, so you have a broad list to choose between, such as beach activities, tours, tastings, museums and more.  To […]

  • Best Day Trips From Barcelona

    Best Day Trips from Barcelona Do you want to go away from Barcelona during your day off? There are several cities and villages around the city that are worth visiting. Throughout this article we will give some ideas for day trips to go with your friends, directly from Barcelona. You can organize a journey on […]

  • Best Mobile Apps to use in Barcelona

     Practical mobile apps to use in Barcelona By using a proper mobile application during your stay in Barcelona can make your life easier. Thanks to its wide offer, you can simply download an app which will help you with anything you want. Bearing in mind Erasmus students needs, we have selected some of the best apps to use in Barcelona: […]

  • Best Sangria Bars in Barcelona

    Try best sangria bars in Barcelona and taste the authentic Spanish culture! When coming to Barcelona, it is almost obligatory to visit a real sangria bar to try the authentic one. The traditional delightful cocktail is made of fruity Spanish red wine, fruit, orange juice, a sweetener like sugar, a liquor like brandy or rum and ice. It is also […]

  • 10 Reasons to Study in Barcelona

      10 Reasons to Study in Barcelona   Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for tertiary education. Every year thousands of students come here for several reasons. Some want to better learn the Spanish culture by studying its language, taste typical food and enjoy a vibrant nightlife. Others appreciate the quality […]

  • Long Trips from Barcelona

    Long Trips from Barcelona Take a vacation out of town with the Erasmus Take a trip out of Barcelona to explore the other cities in Spain or even outside of Europe for exotic experiences and for a memorable chapter of your life with your friends. Other than Madrid and Barcelona, there are several Spanish cities […]

  • Best Festivals In Barcelona

    Best Festivals in Barcelona! During the year, there are a lot of different events organized in Barcelona. From impressive music festivals to themed festivals such as carnival, in this buzzing city you can find every kind of event you like. These amazing activities will make your Erasmus experience even more spectacular. Here you will make memories forever and meet new people who […]

  • Districts of Barcelona

    Districts of Barcelona Pick the district in Barcelona that is most suitable for you! Each district of Barcelona has a unique setting and has something different to offer. We recommend you to do your homework when searching for the right place to stay before the start of your Erasmus Program – hunting for the right […]

  • Best Karaoke Bars In Barcelona

    Best karaoke bars in Barcelona Meet great people and let your inner Beyoncé out! Looking for something different and exciting to do during the weekend? Look no further!  There are a huge variety of different karaoke bars around the city, all bringing a different vibe; from the edgy and animated to the chilled and dimmed. Here we […]

  • Weekend Trips From Barcelona

    Weekend Trips from Barcelona  5 places that every Barcelona Erasmus Student should visit! Doubtlessly, Barcelona is a very charming city to visit, showing authenticity and pride in their Catalonian culture and heritage. If you’re planning a small gateway, you may already have a few spots you would like to visit; and believe me, there’s a […]

  • Best Beach Activities Barcelona

    Best beach activities for Erasmus Students in Barcelona In Barcelona one of the best attractions are, of course, the beaches. Barcelona has 9 Mediterranean beaches that border the city’s coastline – 4.2 km of golden sand. Only ten minutes away from the city center. There are many things you can do at the beach. This […]

  • From Barcelona Airport to City Center

    How to get to the city center from Barcelona Airport All the information you need about transport options from Barcelona Airport to City Center. So your airplane landed at Barcelona Airport and your Erasmus adventure is about to begin. You just have to collect your huge luggages and get to your apartment or hostel. With that in […]

  • How to find accommodation in Barcelona

    How to find accommodation in Barcelona You will never find what you’re looking for if you don’t search the the right place.  Indeed, it is hard to find accommodation in Barcelona due to the high demand. Who doesn’t want to live here? Barcelona is the city that has everything. If you want a cultural experience, vibrant nightlife, authentic […]

  • Best Rooftop Bars Barcelona

    Best Rooftop Bars in Barcelona A guide for the best rooftop bars in Barcelona Barcelona is a beautiful city. As warm weather rolls in, it is nice to chill outside. If you fancy enjoying a drink while taking in all the beauty of the city, you should definitely check out the rooftop bars in Barcelona. […]

  • Barcelona Sightseeing – 5 Must-see Spots

    Barcelona Sightseeing Bring your camera and your happy face, Barcelona is your new happy place! International study or work experience from Barcelona for sure will look great on your resume. And yes, of course, you will learn a lot from your studies or your internship. But what really makes you understand the others’ culture is by exploring. […]

  • Erasmus Student Activities Barcelona

    Erasmus Student Activities Barcelona Erasmus’s fun activities in Barcelona The Erasmus Program hosts student activities for incoming youth to gather and explore Barcelona city together. If you are new in the city, these activities will be a great opportunity for you to make friends and explore the city with a local “guide”. Below is a list […]

  • 8 Free Activities in Barcelona

    8 Free Activities in Barcelona   1.  The Magic Fountain show in Montjuic Mesmerize yourself in the beautifully animated fountain, which starts off with music from the 70s and 80s and continues to classical music and then more recent songs. The combination of colors, music and the movement of the water will make you forget […]

  • Cactus BCN languages

    Cactus BCN languages With Cactus Bcn languages you will not feel as at school but as at home! If you want to learn about Spanish world from a different point of view come to Cactus Bcn! The location is very central, it’s in the heart of Barcelona, in the old district El Raval.   There […]

  • 7 Best Places To See In Girona

    Girona is a medieval and lovely gem of Spain, divided into two parts by the river Onayr: the old town and the modern town. Don’t make any plans for one day and visit it! History of Girona Catalonia’s largest city is Girona and it is located in northeast of Spain. Girona is the most varied […]

  • 5 wonderful things to see in Montserrat

    5 wonderful things to see in Montserrat Do you need one day escape from the frenetic city life? If the answer is yes, you have to take a day off to visit Montserrat!  Let’s follow this simple guide for your trip! Once you arrive there, you can reach the top of the mountain by one […]

  • 10 Things You Must See In Park Güell

    10 things you must see in Park Güell Park Güell is the most colourful place of  Barcelona and you must see it! You can’t lose this opportunity because the entrance of the park is free! It is a good place for all ages: children, family, friends, couples and seniors too, because they can reach the […]

  • Internships in Barcelona – Erasmus + Programm

    Internships in Barcelona – Erasmus + Program Hey Erasmus & International Students! Would you like to do one of our internships in Barcelona? Improve your capacities, learn how our company works and upgrade your CV? offers internships in Barcelona with the Erasmus + program! Description of Ideal Candidate: – Erasmus Student – EU passport […]

  • Volunteering – Erasmus Barcelona

    Volunteering with Us If you have enough free time and will, you can colaborate with us by volunteering! We are searching for people that love to party, make friends, and travell! And if you’re asking… “Why should I be a volunteer?!” Here’s why: … you will develop important skills, like •Communicating efficiently with members of […]

  • Jobs – Erasmus Barcelona

    Jobs – Erasmus Barcelona Are you looking for a job? Are sociable and like to make new friends in Barcelona? Do you like to travel within Spain and help other Erasmus & International Students? If so, we have some part-time jobs for you. For more information about the jobs that we offer you can sign […]

  • Wet Deck Summer Series 2018

    One of the hottest Barcelona Parties is coming back! Wet Deck Summer Series 2018 is not only weekly parties next to the pool, is much more! The best DJ’s from all over the world are coming to the Best Hotel in all Barcelona to change this night to an unforgettable experience in your life! Wet […]

  • Erasmus Barcelona Guide

    Erasmus Barcelona Guide New in Barcelona? We know how scary it can be… a new city, a new language, new customs, and so so many doubts… What’s the best neighborhood to live? What’s the average price of a bedroom? How does the metro line work? Where can I get Spanish lessons? BUT, worry not! Get […]

  • Inedit Barcelona

    Inèdit Barcelona offers student rooms in shared apartments around the city for international students and young workers. By joining the Inèdit family you’ll also have the chance to take the best out of Barcelona with some awesome discounts and activities. Check out their students rooms and find your new home! Inedit Barcelona

  • Habitaclia

    Get your housing solved before moving to Spain. Take a virtual tour of more than 5 000 personally-checked rooms, appartments and students dorms. Choose one of the options and book it confidently and securely in just a few clicks!

  • PisoCompartido

    Find the room using service PisoCompartido. It is one of the best way to find a room for couple of months. Check rent rooms and flats to share offered on the website!

  • Suite Life

    This is what they are saying about there selfs:  We are a full service white glove apartment rental agency that specializes in helping foreigners and locals alike find the home of their dreams. We have tons of available flats all over the beautiful city of Barcelona. So if you are looking for an apartment or a […]

  • Free attractions in Barcelona

    Are you out of money but you don’t want to stay at home and watch a movie or play some boring game? Especially, that now summer is coming and sunny weather just encourages you to go out. Don’t worry, Erasmus Barcelona prepared special list for you, where you can find free attractions in Barcelona . So […]

  • Testimonials

    Testimonials Antonio Dardano (Erasmus in Barcelona Sept. 2010 – June 2011, Studying Banking and Financial Institutions at Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca. Lives in Albi, Italy) Ero arrivato a Barcellona pensado di poter risparmiare sicuramente rispetto ai costi che avevo a Milano per divertirmi, ma mai avrei potuto pensare che in una sola notte avrei potuto […]

  • FREE Sim Cards for Students

      Erasmus Barcelona recommends all Erasmus & International students to use LYCA Mobile operators while your stay in Barcelona. With Lyca Mobile sim you get: You get double your money for each time you top up online. You can have international calls without extra cost. Free calls from lyca to lyca. Lyca Mobile also offers Bundles which will […]

  • Barcelona’s Best Scenic Workout Trails

    Barcelona’s Best Scenic Workout Trails Alright, so you decide you want to study abroad, do an internship, or a combination of both in Barcelona, but we all know the real reason you came here was to party, travel some more, enjoy the diverse cuisine and everything else in between…that probably doesn’t involve much education. With […]

  • La Flor de Gaudi Hostel

    Address: Carrer de Molist, 5, 08024 Barcelona Phone: 932 85 22 56 / 93 496 18 74 Email: Webpage:   Stay at one La Flor de Gaudi Hostel’s two locations near Park Guell or La Pedrera. To keep guests entertained and social, the hostels organize weekly activities such as a walking tour, cooking class, and flamenco show!. These […]

  • Hostel One Barcelona

        Address: Carrer de Casteràs, 9 ,08028 Barcelona Phone: 933 32 41 92 Webpage:   Stay at one of Hostel One’s three locations in Barcelona: Paralelo, Sants, Central Garden. Each hostel comes with free Wi-Fi, free coffee/tea, and a fully equipped kitchen. Some unique features about each hostel include: Sants: Good atmosphere to meet people and […]

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