Cactus BCN languages

Cactus BCN languages

With Cactus Bcn languages you will not feel as at school but as at home! If you want to learn about Spanish world from a different point of view come to Cactus Bcn! The location is very central, it’s in the heart of Barcelona, in the old district El Raval.

Cactus BCN languages ,barcelona


There you’ll feel like at home not only because the nice team wants to teach by having fun with you but also they want to create an interesting language course in a familiar atmosphere different from school lessons. Join them for breakfast, tea party and it would be a perfect excuse to know each other having interchanges.

Cactus BCN languages,barcelona


Cactus Bcn doesn’t offer only language courses but also it gives you the opportunity to explore the new language thanks to different exciting activities. For example, do you want to learn how to prepare Spanish dishes? Do you want to learn about interesting topics? The answer is Cactus Bcn languages. Moreover, they will bring you to discover the jewel of Barcelona, thanks to interesting guides. The course is for all ages, for all those want to learn a new language or who want to improve their Spanish. There are different kinds of courses with competitive prices and at the end you’ll receive a certification. The lessons will be practical and prepare you to deal with different and daily issues. Communication is the best way to learn a new language! In conclusion the group will be made of 4 till 8 students in order to pay more attention. Other characteristic is that the group will be multicultural because in this way you can know about different cultures, share ideas and “travel” around the world!

Cactus BCN languages,Barcelona


The team is made of three teachers, not employers! They have a lot of experience around the world. They are flexibles teachers and understand the necessities of students. For all these reasons, don’t waste your time and join Cactus Bcn. With them you’ll became an expert about Spanish world!

CactusBcn Languages C/ de l’Hospital, 34 , 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Tel: (+34) 616 797 160



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