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Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

  • Erasmus Meetings, Make Friends in Barcelona

    Wondering how to make friends in Barcelona? Easy: step 1, join our Erasmus Meetings in Barcelona!  Every year hundreds of Erasmus & International students from Germany, France, Mexico, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Turkey, Greece, Czech Republic, Croatia, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Lithuania, Russia, Latvia and many other countries participate in our welcome meetings. Most of […]

  • Free Walking Tours Barcelona

    Free Walking Tours Barcelona Date: Starting from the end of August 2020. If you are interested please join our facebook group You’ve probably heard amazing things about Barcelona… and now you want to see it all! Well, paying a fortune for the Bus Touristic is not an option. Also because you want to make new […]

  • Erasmus Picnics Barcelona

    Erasmus Picnics Barcelona   We like to take advantage of the sweet mediterranean weather – and since Barcelona has beautiful parks, we will plan several Erasmus picnics  from April to October 😉 The picnics are FREE – you just have to bring a towel, food, drinks and good energy! (If you’re into music, it will […]

  • Erasmus Barcelona BBQ Event

      Erasmus Barcelona organizing BBQ event for Erasmus & International Students. If you want to join Erasmus Barcelona BBQ, Please fill the form here. The Picnic is for a day out with Erasmus and International students so as to also meet new people surrounded by nature and doing your own coals at barbecues, a popular […]

  • Language Exchange

    Language Exchange – Erasmus Barcelona   Do you want to practice foreign languages with native speakers? Join Erasmus Barcelona Language Exchange meetings! Meet people, chat, send messages, make friends and improve your language skills! Every semester, we will gather native speakers of several languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese…) so you can learn with natives! The lessons […]

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