Sing your heart out on Karaoke Night!

Unleash your inner superstar on our Karaoke Night! It’s the perfect occasion to meet new Erasmus people or have a fun night out with all of your friends in one of the coziest bars of Barcelona, Sonora Bar. And to make it even better, you and your friends will all get a free beer to get in the spirit! Isn’t that awesome? After that, you can always buy another drink! Sonora Bar has a lot of great, delicious drinks to offer you, from sangria and cocktails to heavy beers and ciders. If you’re hungry, you can always order a delicious evening snack (our favorite are the nachos, but let’s keep that a secret).

So sing along with the greatest hits in all the languages of the world, be amazed by the voice of that cute Italian guy or have fun watching that group of Germans sing a typical German song. You really don’t have to be the best singer in the room to enjoy the karaoke night, everyone is welcome! So don’t be shy, get on that stage and sing your heart out!

Not tired yet? Let’s go partying at Opium, one of the most popular and fancy clubs in Barcelona. Get free access with Shaz Guest List until 1:30 (normally, the entrance costs between €15 and €20) and dance to the greatest R&B songs, Hip Hop beats, Reggaeton rhythms and House music. Just say Shaz Guest List at the entrance and you are in! So let’s gather all of your friends and have an unforgettable night together. Because what is a better combination than karaoke and a crazy party  in the most beautiful city in Europe? 


????Every Monday 

⏰ 22:00

????Sonora Sports Tavern

????Enjoy a FREE BEER!


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