Top 5 Buffet Sushi Places

Top 5 Buffet Sushi Places in Barcelona

If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of excellent restaurants serving up your favorite dishes. You’ll be able to enjoy some amazing sushi, prepared by some of the best chefs in town. Many restaurants have adapted to their customers’ needs, and this means that they now offer all-you-can-eat sushi–but don’t worry! They also serve other Japanese dishes. Which restaurant will you try first? Check out this article about Top 5 Buffet Sushi Places in Barcelona!

#1 Ta Mi

The best way to eat as much sushi as you can afford is at Ta Mi, a buffet in Barcelona. The food is very good and the price is excellent. You can eat as much as you want, so it’s a great place for groups or families. There are also options for vegetarians and vegans, which is nice if you’re looking for something different than raw fish! The atmosphere is fun and casual–you’ll feel like you’re hanging out with friends instead of being served by strangers!

Address: C/ de Nàpols, 229, 08013 Barcelona

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 13:00-16:30, 20:30-00:00, Monday closed

#2 Yoshino

If you’re looking for a place to eat sushi in Barcelona, look no further than Yoshino! Yoshino is a Japanese restaurant that offers a buffet of all your favorite sushi dishes–and then some. You can eat as much as you want, and the food is always fresh and delicious. The staff is friendly and helpful, too! The restaurant is located on C/ de Còrsega, 598 in Barcelona.

Address: C/ de Còrsega, 598, 08025 Barcelona

Opening hours: Wednesday to Monday 12:30-16:00, 20:00-00:00, Tuesday 12:30-16:00

#3 Tou Kichi Rou

Tou Kichi Rou is an all-you-can-eat restaurant with an à la carte menu. This means you can order everything from their menu, as many times as you want. The rules are plain and simple: eat as much as you want, but don’t forget to leave some room for dessert! Tou Kichi Rou is located in the Les Corts neighbourhood, near Plaça de Francés Macià on the Avinguda Diagonal. Its decorations are  simple and typically Japanese. There’s something for everyone here–the menu includes sushi rolls, sashimi plates, tempura dishes, teppanyaki (Japanese-style grilled meat), etc.–and all of them are served with rice or noodles (your choice).

Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 493, 08029 Barcelona

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 12:00-16:30, 20:00-23:00, Friday and Saturday 12:00-16:30, 20:00-00:00, Sunday 12:00-16:30

#4 KOYO sushi

If you’re looking for a place to eat as much sushi as your stomach can handle, look no further than Koyo Sushi. Located in Barcelona, this buffet-style restaurant offers everything from nigiri and sashimi to rolls and hand rolls. The restaurant is popular among locals and tourists alike, so be prepared to wait in line if you don’t get there early enough. But when you do get inside, you’ll find that the food is fresh and affordable–and there’s plenty of it!

Address: Carrer de Pau Claris, 139, 08009 Barcelona

Opening hours: Everyday 12:30-16:30, 20:00-00:00

#5 Furawa

Barcelona is a city that has it all: beautiful architecture, a rich history, and plenty of delicious food. When you’re in Barcelona, you should definitely try the sushi buffet at Furawa. It’s located on C/ de la Diputació, 379, 08013 Barcelona. This place is known for its huge selection of sushi rolls and other delicious dishes like tempura and teriyaki chicken wings. You can eat as much as you want for one price–and trust us when we say that there’s no way you’ll leave here hungry!

Address: C/ de la Diputació, 379, 08013 Barcelona

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12:30-16:30, 20:00-00:00, Monday 12:30-16:30

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