10 Reasons to Study in Barcelona

10 Reasons to Study in Barcelona


10 Reasons to Study in Barcelona


Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for tertiary education. Every year thousands of students come here for several reasons. Some want to better learn the Spanish culture by studying its language, taste typical food and enjoy a vibrant nightlife. Others appreciate the quality of the local universities and the ambience of the city created by the students. We understand that it is essential to gain a positive experience during your time abroad, the place you are heading to go to should perfectly meet all your expectations. If Barcelona is your choice of destination, see below for the 10 reasons to study in Barcelona. Read it carefully and let us know if you have decided to have a memorable experience in Catalonia’s capital!

1. Top Universities

Reasons to study in Barcelona: Top Universities

The city offers a wide spectrum of educational institutions for you to choose. The best and most prestigious are the University of Barcelona and Autonomous University of Barcelona. According to QS World University Rankings® 2016-2017, these universities are in top 210. Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, ESADE Business & Law School or IESE Business School and many others also have a solid reputation. All universities are open to international students. In fact, most of the courses are taught in English, so there should not be a communication problem in the classroom.

2. Culture

Catalonia is a unique region of Spain, known for its strong sense of autonomy, which you would sense throughout Barcelona. Visit Barcelona to embrace and experience the language, the culture, and the food. Spanish people are one of the most easy-going nations in the world. Their culture has a true affection for siesta. Although Barcelona is a city with all the hustle and bustle, it is surprising that locals are always able to find the time to enjoy the morning coffee while chatting with friends. So, if you are open to that kind of lifestyle, you will enjoy here.

3. Food

Barcelona is a paradise for food lovers. Here, you will find many restaurants with typical Spanish and Catalan dishes. While in Barcelona, you could try many kinds of tapas, such as patatas braves (fried potatoes with spicy sauce), anchoas (salty anchovies), croquetas (croquettes stuffed with meat or vegetables), etc. Moreover, in every corner, they will offer you some fresh mariscos (seafood) served in various way. A dish that you have to try is the paella. However, if you are not a fan of Spanish cuisine or when you need some comfort food from your home country, you are very likely to find authentic cuisine from all over the world.

4. Sports

Reasons to study in Barcelona: Sports

Many sport activities are supported by the city and you can see that all-around Barcelona. There are many indoor and outdoor places where you could exercise or practice any discipline you want. You can register membership with the gym, swimming pool, rock climbing or whatever sport center you wish to join. There are also many good spots for jogging. Recommended areas include beachs and beautiful parks such us Ciudadella Park or Park Guell. You can play volleyball with your friends at the beach as well. Barcelona is also very bike and skateboard friendly. Most of the roads have special traffic line for the cyclist. Skateboarders will find a lot of options;  the Plaza of MACBA Museum is definitely their MUST-GO.

5. Climate

Nothing will put you in a better mood than the mediterranean climate of Barcelona! You can enjoy the sunny weather for almost throughout the year! Other than the chilly and rainy period from late November to February, the rest of the year is pretty warm and sunny. Since March the temperatures rise, the cafes and restaurants terraces are getting busy and you can start to embrace the outdoor activities. Mid- April is the time to prepare for a summer body, as the beach season is about to begin, although the nights are still slightly cold. The real summer starts in July and to August, when the average temperature is around 28 ° C.

6. Beaches

 Reasons to study in Barcelona,Beaches

Staying in Barcelona means spending quite a bit of your time at the beach. Meetings with friends after classes, sunbathing, sports such as volleyball, yoga, or running – all for free and with beautiful views of the sea and the Barcelona coast. Life on the beach flourishes in spring. It lasts from around the end of March to the beginning of November. Throughout this time, all the beach bars (chiringuitos) and terraces of the best nightclubs are open. Moreover, you can enjoy outdoor cinemas and other many attractions. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

7.  Sights

Countless sights and attractions are another strength of Barcelona. It really takes a long time to discover the most popular and less touristic places.  You will see the top sightseeing hot spots such as Sagrada Familia, Park Guell or Camp Nou Stadium, and more. You can start your local experience by first visiting Bunkers of Barcelona or enjoy a cafe in one of the streets of bohemian Gracia neighborhood.

8. Cosmopolitan Vibe

Reasons to study in Barcelona: Cosmopolitan Vibe

Wherever you are in Barcelona, you can feel its cultural diversity and cosmopolitan vibe. Each year, the city attracts millions of people from all over the world and Barcelona is well prepared to welcome them. As such, you will easily find someone who can speak English. You will find many international bars and restaurants and meet people from different continents.

9. Good Location

good location Barcelona, Reasons to study in Barcelona

Barcelona enjoys such great popularity, among others, thanks to its perfect connection with many countries. You can get here in all possible ways: by plane, by car, by boat – as it is convenient for you. Thanks to that, you will not have to worry about the transportation. Moreover, it will be not be a problem for your friends or family to visit you! Also, its location gives you an opportunity to travel to other parts of Spain and to the other places in Europe as well.

10. Nightlife

Reasons to study in Barcelona: Nightlife in barcelona

The capital of Catalonia is certainly one of Europe’s most popular destinations for those who want to party. Barcelona is a city that never sleeps (okay, maybe except during the siesta). The best clubs, famous DJs and live music – this is what awaits you here. You will always have fun in the company of the international student, and Erasmus Barcelona Team will take care of your student budget, offering you free entrances to the club!



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 Reasons to study in Barcelona
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