Best Sangria Bars in Barcelona

Try best sangria bars in Barcelona and taste the authentic Spanish culture!

When coming to Barcelona, it is almost obligatory to visit a real sangria bar to try the authentic one. The traditional delightful cocktail is made of fruity Spanish red wine, fruit, orange juice, a sweetener like sugar, a liquor like brandy or rum and ice. It is also possible to order it in other flavors such as Sangria de Cava where the red wine is replaced by cava or White wine sangria, which is made with white wine.

Because Barcelona is a very touristic city, there are a lot of bars and restaurants that serve sangrias that aren’t as good as the real ones because they don’t contain fresh fruits or are made of bad quality wine. That’s why we provide you the best sangria bars with delicious wine cocktails that are pure and very tasty, made of high quality. So, take your sunglasses and some friends and enjoy one of the best sangrias in Barcelona on a terrace in the sun. 

1. Bar Celoneta Sangria Bar

Bar Celoneta Sangria Bar, Best Sangria Bars in Barcelona

Like the name already reveals, this Sangria bar is in Barceloneta, near the beach. The bar is most famous for its sangrias made with organic wines, fresh fruits and delicious spices in Mediterranean flavors. Besides the traditional red wine sangrias, they have a wide variety of modified, creative sangrias. For example, the Cleopatra that consists of cava, gin, rose petals and strawberries. Or try the Salome, that is made of rosé wine, basil and limoncello. For the non-alcoholic drinkers, they also serve alcohol free sangrias where the wine is replaced by alcohol free beer, non-alcoholic wine or just soda. To go with this creative cocktails, they offer tasty vegan and vegetarian dishes such as typical tapas, raw foods, vegan burgers, paella and raw desserts. So, there is something for everyone!

2. Arcano

Arcano, Best Sangria Bars in Barcelona

Arcano is a restaurant and a bar, located in the hip Born area. It has a high recommendation for delightful Mediterranean kitchen but also for its traditional sangrias made with love. In this restaurant, they grill the vegetables, meat and fish with the incredible charcoal oven. Each dish consists of only fresh ingredients from the local market. Arcano is in a former horse stable, that’s why this place has a unique decor. If you visit Arcana, try also the sangria de cava because past visitors highly rated it too.

3. Oviso

Oviso, Best Sangria Bars in Barcelona

Oviso is a bar with a very special interior that peculiar, ancient style wall paintings and sophisticated decorations. Located in Barri Gothic, Oviso is an atmospheric bar that will enchant you with its easy charm. It is especially the perfect venue for students because the food and drinks here are not expensive and really good. If you like your sangria really strong, Oviso is the place for you. Although its large amount of alcohol, it is very delicious and qualitative. For food, you can choose between different small tapas and burgers for a good price, perfect to go with your tasty red wine cocktail!

4. Casa Lolea

 Casa Lolea, Best Sangria Bars in Barcelona

Casa Lolea is a cute venue, in the Born neighborhood. It has a retro and atmospheric decor with polka dots and kitschy elements. Besides the traditional sangrias, you can taste very creative other sangrias that are homemade and all-natural varieties of sangria. But also some spicy, herb-infused “gastronomic” sangrias that consist of the perfect combination between spices, fruit and fizz. They equally serve sangrias made with vodka, orange juice, strawberries and sangria of course. There is the possibility to buy bottles to take it home and drink it whenever and wherever you want. Craving some food while drinking one of their creative drinks? No worries, Casa Lolea provides you a broad menu of salads, pastas, tapas, sandwiches and many more yummy options.

5. Los Caracoles

Los Caracoles, Best Sangria Bars in Barcelona

From the moment, you enter Los Caracoles, it feels like stepping back into time. The decor hasn’t really changed since their opening in 1835 and they serve the best authentic Sangrias. It is both a restaurant as a bar, located in Barri Gothic. It already attracted famous people such as former USA president Jimmy Carter, actor Robert De Niro, designer Giorgio Armani. In this ancient restaurant, you can taste the traditional Spanish kitchen that only uses the original recipes, like grandmother’s way. It is definitely a famous spot in the city that serves unbelievably delicious sangrias. Although it is a little bit more expensive, Los Caracoles is really worth a try!

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 Best Sangria Bars in Barcelona
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Best Sangria Bars in Barcelona
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