Best Mobile Apps to use in Barcelona

 Practical mobile apps to use in Barcelona

By using a proper mobile application during your stay in Barcelona can make your life easier. Thanks to its wide offer, you can simply download an app which will help you with anything you want. Bearing in mind Erasmus students needs, we have selected some of the best apps to use in Barcelona:

Erasmus Barcelona App

The Erasmus Barcelona team prepared an app especially made for you. Download it and have a quick access to our website. With the Erasmus Barcelona App on your smartphone, you will never miss any upcoming events, parties, and trips. It will also be easier and more comfortable to read our blog! With this link, you can immediately download the app and start enjoying all the benefits of it!


Mobile Apps to use in Barcelona: Citymapper

Citymapper is one of the best apps for the public transport in Barcelona. Absolutely a must-have for everyone who moves a lot around the city and needs a dependable source of transport information. Citymapper shows the data from all types of public transport available in Barcelona – metro, buses, trams, taxis, trains and even Bicycling (Barcelona urban bicycles). It has a clear layout and is very easy to use. You just have to type the destination you need and the app will give you a very precise itinerary. It even includes the calories you will burn if you decide to walk or ride a bike! Moreover, Citymapper provides you with some smart features. You will find there, among others,  “telescope mode” – street view of your destination, good quality metro and train maps and notifications about the next station you are arriving to.


Mobile Apps to use in Barcelona: Wallapop

Wallapop is a kind of virtual flea market, where you can buy and sell used things in your area. This app was invented in Barcelona. Their goal is to make people collaborate with each other and encourage them to the ecological local trade. To start scrolling and searching for the best offers, you just have to log in with your Facebook account.  You can see the exact neighborhood where the object you like is located and use the chat bar to communicate directly with the seller. The selling process is also very quick and easy.  This app will help you find any item you need for very affordable prices. It will also be very useful in case you will have to get rid of something after your stay in Barcelona!


Foursquare, best apps to use in Barcelona

Don’t forget about this well-known platform while staying in Barcelona! Foursquare is a service created by its own users as they can rate or leave a comment about the restaurant, pub or any other visited places. In this way,  the unique city guide is created! With the app, you will find many specific lists and smart suggestions. You can choose the category, prices and many other features of the place you are looking for. It also provides you with photos taken by the customers, what makes your search even easier! Once you join Foursquare, you will never have to worry about where to eat or where to go, no matter where you are!


Mobile Apps to use in Barcelona: IBeach

Now something for the beach lovers! Thanks to IBeach, you will always be up to date with the conditions of your favorite beach. It will show you the temperature, height of waves, wind speed etc. Furthermore, The app will provide you with more specific information such as humidity, a level of UV rays and the presence of jellyfish! On the satellite map, it will display the most important nearby spots: toilets, public transport stations, medical points and many more. IBeach will also help you discover new beaches all over the Spain.  With this app on your smartphone, nothing will surprise you and you will always be well prepared for relaxed sunbathing or others beach activities.

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 best apps to use in Barcelona
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best apps to use in Barcelona
We have selected the best mobile apps to use in Barcelona. IBeach , Foursquare ,Citymapper ,Wallapop ,Erasmus Barcelona App .
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