Best Beach Activities Barcelona

Best beach activities for Erasmus Students in Barcelona

Best beach activities for Erasmus Students in Barcelona

In Barcelona one of the best attractions are, of course, the beaches. Barcelona has 9 Mediterranean beaches that border the city’s coastline – 4.2 km of golden sand. Only ten minutes away from the city center. There are many things you can do at the beach. This is a guide for the best beach activities in Barcelona with land and water activities to suit every pace and thirst for adventure. The fun in the sun never has to end!


The swimming season generally starts in May until September when the ocean is warm enough to comfortably swim in the water. In summer the sea temperature is from 20°C to 25°C, in the winter the temperature of the sea drops to 12°C.
If you don’t like to swim in the sea, there is also the swimming club called Club Natació Barcelona located right at the beach. It has a beautiful swimming pool with a beautiful view at the beach.



You don’t fancy sunbathing and just relaxing? Then volleyball is the perfect beach activity for you! In Barcelona the sun shines for most of the year and a lot of beaches in Barcelona are equipped with volleyball courts. Get a ball, bring your friends and play volleyball on the beach! To do one of the best beach activities in Barcelona you need at least 4 players, two players for each team.

If you came here alone or your friends are not into sports, there are many beach volleyball events you could easily join. We, at Erasmus Barcelona, organise a lot of volleyball events where you can meet new friends and enjoy an active day on  the beach.

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People in Barcelona love doing sports, especially at the beach. Who doesn‘t? You breath in the fresh air from the sea and enjoy the sun while working-out, a perfect combination, isn’t it? A daily jog on the beach is one of the best ways to exercise and stay fit. Jogging gives you plenty of energy for all the other activities you can do in this vibrant city.



The most popular beach to surf in Barcelona is the famous Barceloneta. In the summer it’s not easy find a spot to hang out in the sun, due to the massive number of tourists in the city. But by the time autumn arrives and the tourists leave, that’s when the surfing starts. Barcelona is not known as one of the best destinations for surfers. But when the conditions are right, the Mediterranean sea does serve great waves. The number of passionate surfers in Barcelona grows every year. So catch a good wave and see you in the water!


Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling is an emerging global sport. It’s a cool mixture of great fun, love of the water and a proven good way to exercise your core body. Probably you already have spotted a few people standing on a surf board – not riding the waves, but paddling around. This is really one of the best beach activities in Barcelona which you should definetely check out yourself!


Boat trips and parties

Boat trips and parties, Best beach activities Barcelona

When visiting Barcelona, you must definetely check out the stunning views of the city’s skyline and the beautiful landmarks from the sea. Set sail on an adventure and explore Barcelona and surrounding areas by boat. There are tours on board of a catamaran, a yacht or on the traditional boats like the „Golondrina“. Erasmus also organises different boat parties through the year.

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Rent a boat

Fancy to discover and explore the city all by yourself on the water? To make your stay memorable and distant from the massive wave of tourists, what about renting a boat? In the port of Barcelona, there is a wide variety of boats to rent.

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Best beach activities Barcelona
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Best beach activities Barcelona
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