Weekend Trips From Barcelona

Weekend Trips from Barcelona 

5 places that every Barcelona Erasmus Student should visit!

Doubtlessly, Barcelona is a very charming city to visit, showing authenticity and pride in their Catalonian culture and heritage. If you’re planning a small gateway, you may already have a few spots you would like to visit; and believe me, there’s a lot to see in Barcelona. However if you’re coming here to work or study, you may want to explore more than just the city. From places by the beach to those with historical influence, there are so many spots that are a must see; only a few hours away from Barcelona! In fact, Erasmus Barcelona was here to help students getting accustomed to Spain while enjoying themselves. Some of the activities, in fact, consists of short, weekend trips outside the Catalonian capital.

Enjoy our short guide about best weekend trips from Barcelona and keep yourself up-to-date with all our events and travels!


Well-known for the City of Arts and Science complex, Valencia is one of the most innovated cities in Spain. It’s situated in the southeastern coast of Spain, three hours away by car and public transport. Expect to find a mix of historical and contemporary architecture around Valencia such as the Mercado Central and Llotja de la Seda as well as the Ciutat of Arts and Sciences cultural park. Join a group of fellow Erasmus students and  discover Valencia’s history and culture.

Lloret de Mar

Just an hour away from Barcelona, you can find the mesmerizing coast of Lloret de Mar, in the Province of Girona. Just like Barcelona, this city has a lot of architectual landmarks situated in different parts of the town, such as the Parochial Rectory and the Castell d’en Plaja. Aside from the tropical beach and historical roads, Lloret de Mar also has a Water World, were you can enjoy many water attractions!


If you looking for something less tropical and much “cooler” then Andorra is a perfect choice! Situated in the border between France and Spain, Andorra is a indipendent micro-country in the Pyrenees. During the winter season, the place becomes a white paradise, with snow covering most of the little country. Because of its mountainous structure, Andorra can be accessible only by two road points: One from France and one from Spain ( popularly used). When the snow disappears, the country becomes a great place for hiking.


Source: Jorge Botella Molina | Vecteezy.com

Just like Lloret de Mar, Calella is situated in the costal part of Catalonia just 58km away from Barcelona. The city is known for sandy beaches and mediterranean flavours. It’s city itself is upbeat, with many attractions and facilities available to tourists all year around. In fact, Calella hosts a number of different cultural events and fiestas every month. From water sports and activities to vibrants nightclubs and restaurants, there is always something to do in this beautiful spot.


Rich of history and heritage, Zaragoza is a city known for its preserved architecture that goes back to the 11th century. The city is situated in the northeastern part of Spain, in the Aragon’s Region. Unlike the usual Catalonian city, Zaragoza gives a more visible glimples of the history of Spain, with buildings and landmarks dating back to the Moors, Romans and Jews that once conquered the country. To understand more about Spain, we highly recommend you to check out this city by foot.

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 Weekend Trips from Barcelona
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Weekend Trips from Barcelona
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