Best Karaoke Bars In Barcelona

Best karaoke bars in Barcelona

Meet great people and let your inner Beyoncé out!

Looking for something different and exciting to do during the weekend? Look no further!  There are a huge variety of different karaoke bars around the city, all bringing a different vibe; from the edgy and animated to the chilled and dimmed. Here we are giving you some of the best karaoke bars in Barcelona. The only thing you need to do now is look through our list, call your friends, and get ready for a great night!

Grizzly 72 BarBest karaoke bars in Barcelona: Grizzly 72 Bar

Come and join other Erasmus students for a beer pong tournament at Grizzly Bar. Every Tuesday the Erasmus Barcelona group hosts here a Karaoke party complete with music, games, drinks as well as a great company. If you’re interested, join the event and invite your friends to access the party for FREE! You will just need to mention that you are on Shaz’s List at the door. Go to the Erasmus Facebook page and find out more about the event, location and dress codes.


Sor Rita BarBest karaoke bars in Barcelona: Sor Rita Bar

So Rita Bar is not one like any of the bars or restaurants you would usually go to! In fact, this restaurant resonates Kitsch, movie style; something that you wouldn’t see pretty much anywhere! Expect yourself to be surrounded by an excentric environment filled with colourful frames and decor; don’t forget music and karaoke activities!. Come and enjoy a drink in the middle of this particularly unique spot.


Discoteca NickBest Karaoke in Barcelona: Discoteca Nick

It’s the perfect place where you can eat good food and dance the night away without the need of moving locations! Glowing in a charming mix of neon pink and blue, Discoteca Nick allows you to have fun and entertainment in three different ways. You can choose to dance around to great hits or sing your lungs out in the karaoke bar; whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a blast.


Zoologic RestaurantBest Karaoke Bars in Barcelona: Zoologic Restaurant

The venue of Zoologic will keep you in awe thanks to its eye-catching decor. Surrounded by a mix of bold colours in what seems to be a nature themed setting, you will have the chance to enjoy a nice evening meal while spectating amateur singers taking the stage. Experience the cool and charming atmosphere of Zoologic by jamming to the background music or take the stage singing some of your all time favorite tunes!


Stay tuned for our upcoming events at our website and Facebook page, we hope to meet you soon at one of our events!


Best Karaoke bars in Barcelona
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Best Karaoke bars in Barcelona
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