Best Libraries And Spots To Study In Barcelona

Study and Revise in peace and efficiency in Barcelona’s best libraries and spots!

If you are a student in Barcelona, with the revision period looming, you are probably looking for a quiet place out of your home to study. In a lively city like Barcelona, you might be surprised to see how many options you could find to have a nice study session at. Although the most basic option you will tend to think of are libraries, Barcelona is full of places for those who are looking for something else. It all depends on the individual and the atmosphere you are looking for. Stay with us while we show the best libraries and spots to study in Barcelona.

1. CCCB Archive

Libraries in Barcelona, CCCB Archive

CCCB Archive is just a 10-minute walk from Plaça Catalunya or La Rambla, so is therefore easily accessible. Something for when you need to revise, you are doing a coursework or you need to do some documentation. CCCB Archive has over 10,000 multimedia-based references, related to culture and contemporary thinking. This document collection has been created through debates, festivals, exhibitions, publications, and concerts.

2. Biblioteca Sant Pau-Santa Creu

Libraries in Barcelona, Biblioteca Sant Pau-Santa Creu

The Biblioteca Sant Pau I Santa Creu, located in the Raval district, is a place of culture and knowledge. Discussions, debates, and reflections are led there, making it one of the ideal places to study in Barcelona.
The library organizes and hosts activities for local residents, as well as making it a unique and interesting place, a rich cultural experience for workers, visitors, and students. The different rooms are used for various activities: there are silent study rooms, group discussion rooms, and computer rooms. You will also find a wide selection of books to be used as resources – this library really does have everything you need!

 Babèlia Books & Coffee

Spots to study, Babèlia Books & Coffee

This café is located in the district of Sant Antoni, in Villarroel, 27. Here you can choose from a multitude of books and a wide variety of teas and coffees. It is a library/cafe where you can bring your own books or computer to study. A colorful and relaxing place to spend some time concentrated.  It is open every day, so no more excuses and get down to work!

4. Laie Llibreria Café

Spots to study, Laie Llibreria

Located in the heart of Barcelona, the original Laie is built on two floors: the lower floor is a bookstore, and the mezzanine is a restaurant-café. It has thus its own collection of books and its own cafeteria. Read a book, sit down with snack and coffee and relax. You can find a quiet place to work in a corner, or at a table to work in a group.

5. Parc de La Ciutadella

The Parc de la Ciutadella is undoubtedly one of the most popular parks in Barcelona. To work quietly and under good weather, this is the place to go. Bring a blanket, find a place on the grass, put down your books and enjoy the magical setting.

6. Gardens of Laribal

Spots to study, Gardens of Laribal

Looking for a quieter version of the Parc de la Ciutadella? Come and discover the Gardens of Laribal, a secret place perfect for relaxing or studying. Located on the slopes of Montjuïc, between the MNAC and the Miró Foundation, this calm garden will have your heart.
Covered in many trees and beautiful fountains, this place remains unknown to most tourists. There is no place outside as calm as the Gardens of Laribal to work in Barcelona, or simply to sit and quietly read a book.

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Best libraries and spots to study in Barcelona
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Best libraries and spots to study in Barcelona
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