Erasmus Student Activities Barcelona

Erasmus Student Activities Barcelona

Erasmus Student Activities Barcelona

Erasmus’s fun activities in Barcelona

The Erasmus Program hosts student activities for incoming youth to gather and explore Barcelona city together. If you are new in the city, these activities will be a great opportunity for you to make friends and explore the city with a local “guide”. Below is a list of all the nice activities that Erasmus organises. Stay tuned-in to the exact date and take part of one of our wonderful events where you will experience unforgettable moments with your new international friends!

Erasmus picnics

Erasmus picnic,barcelona

For most days of the year in Barcelona, people get to enjoy the clear, bright,  sunny weather. We would like to make good use of this advantage by hosting a picnic in a park– Barcelona has several beautiful parks. The picnics are FREE – you only have to bring a towel, some food, drinks and a lot of energy! For those of you interested in music, you should definetely bring your guitar. We will share our picnic baskets, play some games and chat all noon! There will be both a relaxing and energetic ambiance.

The picnics will take place at different parks, such as Parc de la Ciutadella, Parc Joan Miró, and Parc del Labirito d’Horta.

Visit our Facebook Page & Website to stay updated to our picnic trips.

Erasmsus free walking tours

Join us for a walking tour without having to pay a cent. We will bring you to the most famous attraction sites and neighborhoods– show you the monuments, gardens, plazas, and must-go restaurants. At the end of the tour,  you will receive a club entrance bracelet as an invitation to one of the best clubs in Barcelona for free.

Stay tuned to Erasmus Barcelona Facebook Page and Website. Soon, we will lease detailed information about the walking tours.

Erasmus language exchange meetings

Language exchange meetings,barcelona

Knowing the local language while studying abroad could make your Exchange life so much easier. But if you are looking to learn other European languages, we are able to offer them as well. Whether you are at an advanced or a native level, feel free to join our Language Exchange meetings to learn directly from native speakers. The meetings will be hosted in cafe and bars. There are limited spots, so you must apply at least 3 days in advance to secure a seat.

If you want to spend your time on a meaningful cause, or if you just want to add something to your resume to make it look better, you can do volunteering by teaching your native language! Tell us about your language expertise and your schedule by sending us an email to

Erasmus meetings

Erasmus meetings,Barcelona

Every year about 300 – not too big nor too small- Erasmus students from all over Europe and many other countries participate in our welcome meetings. Most of these students came to these gatherings alone but left with at least 10 new friends (guaranteed!) The meeting points include but not limited to Parc de la Ciutadella, Parc Joan Mirón, Parc del Labyrinth. To join Erasmus Meeting Barcelona, SUBSCRIBE to our FACEBOOK EVENTS.

Erasmus BBQ event

At the BBQ picnic, you will get a chance to make new international friends and meet the Erasmus members. There will be a drinking station to quench your thirst. Everyone, including us, shall bring their own meat ingredients but you will be provided to enjoy a delicious salad buffet.

Below are the prices of the different options:

  • Table for four people.€10 (€ 2.5 per person)
  • Grill Trolley. €5 
  • A bunch of wood. €6
  •  Charcoal Bag. €5

Prices may be subject to change. We will share the cost.

The meeting point and date of the event will be announced in our Erasmus Barcelona Facebook page.

Stay tuned with our up-coming events at our website and Facebookpage, we hope to meet you soon at one of our events!

Erasmus Student Activities Barcelona
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Erasmus Student Activities Barcelona
Erasmus Program hosts student activities for incoming youth to gather and explore Barcelona city together. Stay tuned-in to the exact date.
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