Barcelona Sightseeing – 5 Must-see Spots

Barcelona Sightseeing

Bring your camera and your happy face, Barcelona is your new happy place!

International study or work experience from Barcelona for sure will look great on your resume. And yes, of course, you will learn a lot from your studies or your internship. But what really makes you understand the others’ culture is by exploring. Explore, discover and enjoy! That’s the right way to make the most of your time in the city . The first step to that? Barcelona Sightseeing! This might sound a little touristy, but who doesn’t love being a typical tourist sometimes!? Enjoy everything Barcelona has to offer, visit the attractions and be amazed! We live by the motto: study hard, tourist harder. Whether you want to go for a walk, some shopping or a picnic these places are for you!

Sagrada Familia

Will they ever finish building this church!? Well yes, in 2026, after working on it for 144 years.. So even though it’s under construction you should go there NOW! It really is a must-see on Barcelona Sightseeing list. Both the Sagrada Familia church and its surroundings are spectacular. This masterpiece is 172 meters high and attracts millions of tourists each year. Be one of them and find out by yourself why it’s so popular!

La Rambla

The one and only La Rambla. Known for it’s buzzing streets and vibrant atmosphere. Doesn’t matter at which hour, it’s always lively and crowded! If you’re looking for a peaceful area or a good night’s sleep, this is definitely not the place. But if you want to experience the pulsing heart of Barcelona, this is it! Cruise down the strip with your friends and feel like the coolest kids in town.

Camp Nou

Football fan? Messi fan? Well, you don’t even have to be. Camp Nou is FC Barcelona’s home arena and it’s the largest in Europe. It’s just one of those unique places you have to visit if you have the chance. So, TAKE THE CHANCE. If you weren’t a football fan before visiting Camp Nou you might be afterward. Snacks, beverage, friends, football and crazy fans. What else do you need in life?

Park Guëll

If you are a frequent Instagram-user and have had friends visited Barcelona you might have seen this place many times before. People love posting pictures of it. And well, it’s easy to understand why. Park Guell is just a W-O-W. The park has stunning stone structure and is an architectural masterpiece from 1888, created by artist Eusebi Guell. Beware, you’ll probably never look at your hometown parks the same way after visiting Park Guell.


If a place is as perfect as Montjuic, of course, it’s gonna be a magnet for tourists. And we have many reasons to love it. If you go to the Magic Fountain of Montjuic during its fountain show, you will fall head over heels for it. It’s like a fairytale with it’s moving water jets dancing in different colours. Another Barcelona sightseeing must-go in the neighborhood is the outdoor cinema. Bring your squad and have a relaxed evening! You will thank us for the tips later on.

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Barcelona Sightseeing
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Barcelona Sightseeing
Barcelona Sightseeing. Enjoy everything Barcelona has to offer, visit the attractions and be amazed! We live by the motto: study hard, tourist harder.
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Erasmus Barcelona
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