Cost of living in Barcelona

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Cost of living in Barcelona

You just arrived in Barcelona and one of the first thing you are wondering about is how much your stay here will cost you! As a student or an Erasmus, money is an important question to deal with; and this is why we have decided to write an article on the cost of living in Barcelona which we hope will help you in planning your expenditures in the city!

1. Accommodation

Accomodation in Barcelona, Cost of living in Barcelona

In Barcelona, the price of accommodation varies from districts and depends whether you are renting a studio or are in a collocation. You can definitely expect to be paying more if you are planning to stay in the touristic area such as Catalunya, La Ramblas or Barceloneta. If you have a smaller budget, doing a collocation might be the solution for you. It will cost you around 300 to 500 euros. A studio, on the other hand, will vary from 350 to 1200 euros; again it all depends on the district you decide to live in.  Don’t forget to add the deposit of the apartment in the calculation of your expenditures, which is usually a month of rent.

2. Food

food Barcelona, Cost of living in Barcelona

Grocery shopping will really depend on your food lifestyle and where you want to buy it. You can generally count around 30 to 50 euros per week. If you want to buy bio products, it might bring you to a total of 200 euros per month for groceries. At the university, food is from 5 euros to 8 euros. If you want to eat out, you can also enjoy special lunch menus for 10 euros in almost all restaurants. You can also find some budget tapas bar where you can get some little portions for a very afordable price.

3. Public transport

Public transports Barcelona,Cost of living in Barcelona

The most famous ticket in Barcelona is the T10 for 10,20 euros. It will allow you to travel for 10 journeys on bus, metros, and tram and is considered convenient and economical. However, if you are staying here for a longer period and you are planning on using a lot of the different mode of transport, the T-Jove (-25 years old) would be the most economical way. You will be able to use this ticket for a period of 90 days for unlimited travel in the zone 1 of Barcelona.

If you like biking, you can also buy a second-hand bicycle that will cost you around 70€; another option but that requires an NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) is the Bicing. They are the bicycles that are all around the cities but are only for residents. Here you will find an article with more details on transports in Barcelona.

4. Entertainment

entertainment Barcelona ,Cost of living in Barcelona

Coming to Barcelona means trying the bars and tapas restaurant in town, however, the price will obviously depend on where you are going. Try to avoid the touristic areas mainly around La Ramblas, they tend to be quite expensive. Stroll around in Barcelona, mainly in the smaller roads. There, you will be able to find tapas from 2 euros. 100 Montaditos is the address to know when you are trying to be careful with your budget. They offer tapas for 1 euros and deals such as beer and tapas for 1.5 euros. Regarding the different activities that you can do for free during your stay in Barcelona, have a look at this article. As far as nightclubs are concerned, entries are generally around 15 to 20 euros. However, you can subscribe to Shaz guest list to have free entry to the best clubs of Barcelona.

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Cost of living in Barcelona
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Cost of living in Barcelona
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