A mini-guide on what to drink to survive Erasmus hangover

A mini-guide on what to drink to survive Erasmus hangover


The life of an Erasmus student’s liver can be tough, we both know you’re not going to skip any party. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and you want to get the most out of it. Yes, you could drink less. Or you could fill your glass with the right booze. Did you know that certain drinks will give you a worse hangover than others?


The-day-after enemies

#3 – Wine: red or white?

First of all, in terms of hangover wine is a bad idea. Grapes are left fermenting for a long time. This increases the concentration of a type of alcohol that is particularly hard to process for our body: methanol. But if you have to choose one, in terms of hangover red wine is worse than white.


#2 – Whiskey

I love whiskey. But if you ask your body, this charming drink made from fermented grains is poisonous. Around 40% alcohol, whiskey causes the worst hangover effects when enjoyed by itself. You’re warned!


#1 – Brandy

This liquor is made from distilled red wine and it contains about 40% alcohol. It’s also by far the drink that will cause you the worst hangovers of your life. There are so many options, why not pick something else?



Your best allies

#3 – Beer

Beer’s alcohol content is very low, and it contains a lot of water. Because of this, you will need to drink more of it to get drunk, giving a chance to your body to catch up. So beer is a safe bet when it comes to avoiding a hangover.


#2 – Gin

This is a clear spirit, which is a good thing. There are less difficult molecules that your body will have to process. However, it contains juniper berries, which are diuretic. And dehydration is a cause of bad hangovers. So make sure you drink enough water if you want to reap the benefits of this friendly drink.


#1 – And the winner is….

Vodka! Because this drink is extremely pure. Even the British Medical Association found out in a study that vodka is your best option to avoid a hangover the day after!


So now you know what to drink tonight to make sure you’ll wake up in good shape for tomorrow’s party!

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