Erasmus Barcelona Guide

Erasmus Barcelona Guide

New in Barcelona? We know how scary it can be… a new city, a new language, new customs, and so so many doubts… What’s the best neighborhood to live? What’s the average price of a bedroom? How does the metro line work? Where can I get Spanish lessons?
BUT, worry not! Get our Erasmus Barcelona Guide for Free and all your questions will be answered! Here, you will find all the information you need to make you’re staying memorable! From tips on how to enjoy the city’s attractions, information about cultural aspects, prices, and accommodation, to a guide of Barcelona’s nightlife, beaches, and main events: our Erasmus Barcelona Guide covers it ALL!

What will you find in our Erasmus Barcelona Guide??

1. A complete guide for Erasmus & International Student’s in Barcelona adapted to the school year
2. Where to Live and How to look for accommodation in Barcelona
3. How to book your flights
4. What to visit in Barcelona (main attractions, traditional events, etc)
5. Where to Party in Barcelona (a guide to Barcelona’s best clubs!)
6. Transportation System (metro, bus service, cards…)
7. General hints and useful tips (about pickpockets, weather, people, language, eating and drinking, sites and attractions, etc)
8. … and so much more!

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