Best cheap gyms in Barcelona, updated list!


You are in Barcelona for your Erasmus or internship program and you want to stay fit? Don’t have any idea where you can find a cheap gyms? Don’t worry this article is for you! What’s more this is updated list for 2022 of cheap gyms in Barcelona, so you will be up to date.


Looking for the cheap gyms in Barcelona?


We have been in the same situation and gyms in Barcelona are very expensive, but luckily you can also find very nice, big and cheap gyms. You can enjoy working out in groups, you can join yoga or Zumba classes for the price of the entrance so sure everybody can find something for themselves. Above all while working out you can meet many local people in the gym and meet new friends, so put on your sports outfit now and get to the gym as fast as possible. Now money won’t be an excuse for you as long as you are going to these gyms.


#1 Viva Gym

Viva Gym has a lot of localizations all around Barcelona and one of the best trainers and equipment in Barcelona. This club is putting a lot of effort into sustainability, such as recycling and thinking „green”. You can buy a membership to one club or all of their clubs so in that case whenever you are you can always go for fast training just to get more endorphins. It is one of the most popular cheap gyms in Barcelona. To join the gym you need a towel and lock, so don’t forget about that!

Price: For one month with the possibility to go only to one club you will pay: 29, 90 euros, but if you want to have the possibility to go to different clubs you can in this case do it for 34,90 euros or you can pay 9,90 euros for one entrance.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 06:30-23:00

Saturday – Sunday, 08:30-14:00 and 17:00-20:30

Address: 21 localizations, but the closest to the city center are:

– VivaGym Universitat, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 584, 08011 Barcelona

-VivaGym Bruc, Carrer del Bruc, 49, 08009 Barcelona

-VivaGym Sant Antoni, Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 1, 08011 Barcelona

-VivaGym Londres, Carrer de Londres, 69, 08036 Barcelona

Extra cost: 4,90 euros for membership

Extra activities: You have a lot of extra exercises like body pump, yoga, and Zumba.


#2 BCN Fitness

This is another amazing gym on a budget, without a doubt, where you can train alone, with personal trainers but you can also go for group exercises like yoga power or fit pump. The gym is very big and the localization is amazing and also in this cheap gym in Barcelona, you can find a lot of students that want to stay in shape like you, so why just don’t go together for training once in a while?

Price: For one day: 7,95-30 euros, but you can buy 1,3,5 day pass

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 06:00-00:00

Saturday – Sunday, 09:00-00:00

Address: C/ d’Aragó, 322, 08009 Barcelona

Extra cost: no extra cost

Extra activities: You have for example pilates, fit pump, yoga power, and tbc classes


#3 Altafit

Alta fit has 2 localizations, and a very big space, nearly 1,7000 meters of different facilities, you have the option to use personal training, physiotherapy service, dietician, weight zone, cycling zone, and of course group training. You will get access to free wi-fi, water, and coffee, and it’s a very central location so we think that we don’t have to tell you more! In conclusion, everything is included in this cheap gym in Barcelona!

Price: For one day 9,90 euros, for one month 32,90 euros

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 07:00-22:30

Saturday 09:00-19:30

Sunday 09:00-14:30

Address: 2 localizations:

-Gimnasio AltaFit Diagonal, adress: C/ de Mallorca, 318, 08037 Barcelona

-Gimnàs AltaFit Barcelona El Paral lel, Carrer de Vila i Vilà, 50-52, 08004 Barcelona

Extra cost:           dispositivo 6,90 euro, matricula 15 euro

Extra activities: for example pilates, gpower, cycling, hiit classes

#4 Simply gym

Simply gym is as a matter of fact one of the biggest, cheap gyms in Barcelona, it’s very well equipped, has center localization and reasonable price. For example, you have there women’s zone, so if you are feeling uncomfortable while working out around men, this is the perfect place for you. Find there interesting workout classes and above all this is very rare but you have Latino classes, so due to that you can fully enjoy your time in the gym, not only working out but also to know Barcelona culture!

Price: 29,90 euros

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 06:00-22:00

Saturday, 09:00-14:00 and 15:00-20:00

Sunday, 10:00-15:00

Address: Carrer de Buenaventura Muñoz, 64, 08018 Barcelona

Extra cost: 15 euros for gastos de inscripcion

Extra activities: You have a women’s zone, but also you have regular group training like G.A.P, Cardio step, Latino classes (which you will love without a doubt), and much more.

#5 Dir

This gym is one of the most popular fitness places in Barcelona, it has many gyms around the city. Enjoy there among other swimming pools, sauna, and other facilities. You can find there amazing group exercises like Zumba, yoga, or pilates. The cost of membership depends on which localization you choose and your age.

Opening hours: Depend on localization, but mostly:

Monday – Friday, 06:45-22:00

Saturday – Sunday, 09:00-14:45

Address: 20 localizations, but closest to the centrum are:

-BDiR Granados, C/ de Mallorca, 207, 08036 Barcelona

-DiR Claris, Carrer de Casp, 34, 08010 Barcelona

Extra cost: 7,50 euros for joining kit

Extra activities: For example, you have zumba, body pump, yoga, and pilates


#6 Anytime Fitness

Anytime is a gym that is open 24/7, so if you like to train at weird hours that’s an option for you. It is not the cheapest one, but you will get a lot of facilities with your membership. Buy your membership and get access to personal trainers, virtual classes, etc. Because is open all day you can avoid crowds and enjoy an empty gym only for yourself.

Price: 33-45 euros

Opening hours: 24h/7

Address: 18 localizations, but closest to the city center are:

-Anytime Fitness, Carrer de Sardenya, 69, 08018 Barcelona

-Anytime Fitness Rocafort, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 438, 08015

-Anytime Fitness, C. de Pallars, 203, 08005 Barcelona

Extra cost: X

Extra activities: One training for free


To sum up, you can also work out a little bit on hiking trips, so we are very happy that we can offer you amazing hiking trips, together with our Erasmus Barcelona company to beautiful places around Barcelona. You can just combine business with pleasure and enjoy your stay here while spending active time!
Most important, don’t forget about working out on the dance floor with a Shaz guest list! Stay tuned for our upcoming events on our website and Facebook and Instagram page, we hope to meet you sooner or later at one of our events!


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