Making Friends in Barcelona

Making Friends in Barcelona: Your Ultimate Guide for an Unforgettable Erasmus Experience

Are you going to study abroad in Barcelona? It’s going to be fun! But it’s important to make friends while you’re there. That’s what will make your experience really great. In this guide, we’ll give you some tips to help you meet people and have an amazing time in Barcelona.

1. Join Erasmus Barcelona

Erasmus Barcelona trips - why students swear by them

Take advantage of organized events and meet-ups, such as those hosted by Erasmus Barcelona. Attend our activities, including meetups, beach volleyball, free dinners at Shoko every Tuesday, beer pong tournaments, karaoke nights every Monday, and daily parties. Join us on trips and adventures to explore Barcelona and beyond while making lifelong friends along the way.

2. Use Mobile Apps and Online Forums

Bumble - Here's Everything You Need to Know About Bumble For Friends

Harness the power of technology by using mobile apps and online forums to connect with people in Barcelona. Platforms like MeetUp, Facebook Groups, and Bumble BFF make it easy to find and join social gatherings and meet-ups in the city.

3. Visit the City’s Highlights

Barcelona, what to see and do |

Explore Barcelona’s iconic landmarks and attractions, such as museums, parks, and historical sites. Strike up conversations with fellow visitors or locals while admiring the city’s beauty and history.

4. Spend Time at the Beach

Is there a beach in Barcelona? | The Sun

Barcelona’s beaches are popular gathering spots, offering opportunities to meet new people in a relaxed and laid-back setting. Bring a friend or strike up conversations with beachgoers – you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make friends by the sea!

5. Hang Out in Bars

Sonora Sport Tavern Barcelona

Bars are bustling hubs of social activity in Barcelona, making them ideal places to meet new people and enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife. Whether you’re into beer pong tournaments or casual drinks with friends, Barcelona’s bars offer something for everyone.

6.Attend Local Cultural Activities

BORN Street Food – Barcelona Born Gourmet

Immerse yourself in Barcelona’s vibrant cultural scene by attending local events such as music festivals, art exhibitions, and food markets. These gatherings provide excellent opportunities to meet people while having fun and exploring the city’s rich cultural heritage.

7. Go to the Gym

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Joining a gym or participating in group fitness classes is a great way to meet like-minded individuals and stay active. Don’t be shy to strike up conversations with fellow gym-goers – you never know, you might find a workout buddy or two!

By following these tips and embracing new experiences, you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by friends and making unforgettable memories during your time in Barcelona. So get out there, explore the city, and let the friendships begin!

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