Christmas markets close to Barcelona

Christmas markets close to Barcelona

You are living in Barcelona but searching for more amazing Christmas markets? Yeees, we know Christmas markets are the best, Christmas is so a magical time of the year that you can’t miss it, especially when you are living in Barcelona! From here you have so many cheap flights, trips, and beautiful places nearby, that you can everyday travel to different Christmas markets. It is hard to choose only a few and that’s why we made for you this article, where you can find out about the most amazing Christmas markets around Spain, France, etc. Don’t need to think more about it, just check out our new article about Christmas markets close to Barcelona. Enjoy Christmas magic during this special period of the year, make amazing photos, and create unforgettable memories with your Erasmus friends.

#1 Colmar, France

One of the top best Christmas markets in Europe. Such a lovely place and so close to Barcelona. We have also amazing news for you! You can travel there with us and see this beautiful place with your friends from the Erasmus program! We can without a doubt say that Colmar is the soul of European Christmas. When you are there you can feel like in a fairy tale, thanks to the combnation of architecture and wonderful lighting. The last but not least, you can explore this market with us, during our trip to Avignon and Colmar!

Dates: 24.11-29.12.2022

#2 Avignon, France

Avignon is worth visiting any time of the year, but this Christmas time is the best time that you can choose. Avignon is changing into this beautiful, magical city, full of Christmas lights and decorations. You can try their local Provence food and drinks, and buy Christmas toys, decorations, gifts, and trees. You need to buy for sure “Santos” – painted figurines. It’s not as commercial as Colmar, so you can feel there this family, calm atmosphere.

Dates: 25.11-30.13.2022

#3 Andorra la Vella, Andorra

Andorra is a very good place to enjoy Christmas magic when you are in Barcelona because is very close. Only 3 hours from Barcelona you can find wonderful Christmas magic surrounded by mountains which makes this place even more magical. Also, you can buy there a lot of products that are cheaper than in Barcelona, so this is a perfect spot to visit before Christmas and buy gifts for all of your family and friends! If you don’t have a car or driving license, there is no problem because you can just come with us for our Christmas trip in Andorra and uncheck the next country on your list.

Dates: 25.11.2022-31.12.2022

#5 Vic, Medieval market, Spain

These four magic days Vic is recreating medieval times with exhibitors and a lot of events. You can eat there amazing black pudding, homemade pastries, hot dogs, grilled ham sandwiches, and many more. The medieval market is offering also children’s playgrounds, music, dances, street performances, etc. This is an amazing way to feel this medieval times atmosphere and feel like in a real medieval village. Excellent idea to spend your weekend in so a curious way!

Dates: 8, 9, 10, 11.12.2022

Hours: 10:00-20:00

#6 Valencia Christmas Market, Valencia, Spain

From Barcelona, you have only 3 hours to discover such an amazing place like valencia. You can find there many Christmas markets like for example Three Kings Market, Tapineria Market, The City of Arts and Sciences Christmas market or Jul Konstruktion market. In addition, there are also so many places to see in Valencia and it is such a magical experience during these Christmas days when the Christmas lights are on and the whole city is enjoying this beautiful time of the year.

Dates: 25.12.2022-08.10.2023 (but there are more christmas markets in Valencia that starts earlier)

#7 Mercadillo Navideño Plaza del Pilar, Zaragoza, Spain

During the Christmas period, these amazing cities transformed into a festive wonderland, with many sparkling lights and Christmas installations. In Zaragoza, you can find a true Christmas village every year. Is close to the market, as well as an ice-skating rink, workshops, food tracking, etc. We can just say that in this city “Christmas is all around us”!

Dates: 01.12.2022-31.12.2022

#8 Strasbourg, France

People say that Strasbourg is the capital of Christmas and we agree with that. The Christmas vibes spread around every part of the city. As the sun comes down, wonderful lights start shining and create the feeling like in Santa Claus village. The atmosphere is so unique and the streets are full of finery, shop windows are sparkling, and you can smell cinnamon and spices. Treat yourself and go there for Christmas break to see this one of the most illuminated cities in Europe.

Dates: 25.11-24.12.2022

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