Best clubs for Halloween in Barcelona

As an Erasmus student, intern, or just a curious person you for sure want to know how Catalans celebrate Halloween. Halloween is not a traditional holiday in Spain either in Europe, however it grows more in popularity every year. In Barcelona, modern customs and typical Catalan traditions are mixed up and as a result of that Barcelona is the perfect choice for a Halloween city break! In this article, we will give you tips on how you can spend the best time and discover Barcelona in a different light!


Halloween traditions in Barcelona

Halloween is known in Barcelona as ”Dia de Los Muertos”, but Spanish kids also go out „trick or treating” (in Spain known as truco o trato), people dress up, watch horrors and enjoy this anglo-saxe festival. The 1st of November is a public holiday called „Todos Los Sants” in Catalonia. This is a typical day for spending time with your family and friends and going together to graves to give honor to loved ones. But also Catalonian have their local celebration called „Castanyada”, a festival with Catholic origins, which includes roast chestnuts, small marzipan cakes, and a sweet local wine known as Moscatel.

Another “tradition” that might be the most interesting for an Erasmus student is of course partying. Below we collected the best party options for you for a crazy spooky halloween night in our beloved Barcelona, so keep reading! 😉



Which clubs have Halloween parties in 2022? Go to the best clubs in the city for costume night and enjoy crazy Halloween nightlife in Barcelona!

The best way to see the real magic of this celebration is in fact to go to one of Barcelona’s best nightclubs. During Halloween time Barcelona gets really busy (parties everywhere) so we would like to make your life easier by helping you to decide where to celebrate this fun night! Below we collected 4+1 options brought to you by Shaz Guest List for the perfect Halloween celebration.
Get ready! Dressing up in Halloween costumes spiced up with crazy make-up and accessories is highly recommended for the maximum level of unforgettable fun. All the clubs and bars will also show their most creative side and will have an insane Halloween theme decoration. Remember that Barcelona will be very busy on this day (clubs and bars all packed), that’s why we recommend you to make your decision on time and buy tickets for the party in advance!

Finally, the 4+1 options as we promised:

#1 Downtown (free entrance*)

The club is located in an area that used to be called Up & Down Barcelona. You can experience their local atmosphere and every night you can enjoy a different kind of party. It is one of the favorite clubs for Erasmus students and local students. It has a huge dance floor and music is very varied so don’t miss the opportunity to go to this club!

How you can get there? Nearest metro station: Zona Universitaria

Outfit: Smart &Elegant

Address: Av. Dr. Marañón, 17, 08028 Barcelona

Age: +21

Date of the party: 31.10.2022, Halloween party

Price: Free entrance till 01:00 *for the first 400 students, then 20 euro

#2 Pacha

If you are into parties Ibiza-style, Pacha is the first place that you need to visit. Is located in one of the most tourist and commercial areas next to the sea beachfront. Pacha is very recognizable, because of its amazing music and fashionable interior. This is a place where you can find local people and internationals from all around the world. Club has this Ibiza vibe, the dance floor is huge, and above all in Pacha, you will find a terrace that spills out into the sea. If you are looking for a mix of glamour and elegant but also a wild party this is a good place for that!

How you can get there? Nearest metro stop: Ciutadella Vila Olimpica

Outfit: Smart &Elegant, high heels for girls

Address: C/ de Ramon Trias Fargas, 2, 08005 Barcelona

Age: +18

Date of the party: 31.10.2022, Halloween party


#3 Opium

Opium Barcelona is one of the most known clubs in Barcelona. It is located by the sea in the biggest tourist area. In the day you can see a lot of tourists that are enjoying the sightseeing in Barcelona, but at night this place changes completely and you can feel the magic of Barcelona nightlife. Opium has a huge dance floor and world-class DJs every night and for sure and you will make unforgettable memories there.

How you can get there? Nearest metro stop: Ciutadella Vila Olimpica

Outfit: Smart & Elegant

Address: Pg. Marítim de la Barceloneta, 34, 08003 Barcelona

Age: +18

Date of the party: 31.10.2022, Halloween party


#4 Sutton Club Barcelona

As a matter of fact Sutton is one of the most exclusive clubs in Barcelona. You can feel the very sophisticated and glamorous energy there and meet a lot of well-known DJs. You can find there VIP-areas with stylish sofas and sponsored bars and a dance floor which every night is full of lights and high-quality screens.

How you can get there? Nearest metro stops: Gracia, Fontana

Outfit: Very strict dress code, shirt and shoes for boys and dress and heels for girls

Address: Carrer de Tuset, 13, 08006 Barcelona

Age: +23

Date of the party: 31.10.2022, Halloween party

#4+1 Shoko afterparty

We are sure you’ve already been to Shoko at least once at our Erasmus party, but just in case, here are some info about the club. Shoko has a big terrace and it is located next to other famous clubs like Opium and Pacha. It is in the heart of Barceloneta, where you can in a day meet a lot of tourists but at night this place changes totally and you can explore the wild nightlife of Barcelona. If you will have enough power to party one more day you need to come to Shoko for Halloween after party at 01.11.2022!

How you can get there? Nearest metro stop: Ciutadella Vila Olimpica

Outfit: Smart & Elegant

Address: Pg. Marítim de la Barceloneta, 36, 08005 Barcelona

Age: +18

Date of party: 01.11.2022 (Halloween afterparty)

Remember that on Halloween all clubs will be crowded, so buy your tickets in advance to avoid a sad Halloween night!

The party does not stop after Halloween! Join Shaz Guest List for the craziest parties in Barcelona every night! It will allow you to enter the best nightclubs such as Pacha, Opium, Sutton, and much more for free or at a discounted price. Check out our article, where we explain how you can subscribe to the Shaz guest list step by step!

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