Find student accommodation in Barcelona – 6 best ways

Finding good and affordable student accommodation in Barcelona while you’re on an Erasmus experience can be a true challenge. It’s a scary thought to book something from miles away that will have a huge impact on what is probably the most important time in your life. There is not only uncertainty involved but also fear. Fear of the unknown. But with this list of ways to find student residences in Barcelona, you’ll be fine. Every year countless of students find their place to stay for their Erasmus on one of these sites. Are you the next one?


Trustpilot score: ★★★★☆

With Spotahome you book your future home in 4 easy steps. People love it for its user-friendliness and efficiency. The collaborating landlords tend to respond quickly while being reliable at the same time. Many users praise the customer service, provided by Spotahome. They are eager to look for solutions for any kind of problem you might have. Both during the booking process and when at the location itself. Also not too unimportant: the rooms match the expectations and the description of the accommodation.

With Spotahome, student accommodation in Barcelona is booked in 4 easy steps

Roomless rent

Trustpilot score: ★★★★★

Of all these sites, this one gets the fewest negative comments. And that’s worth something. About 95% of the clients are extremely satisfied with the services of Roomless Rent. Workers are attentive and will do everything withing their power to find you the right room. They’re also very responsive and are even reachable through WhatsApp. Therefore communication happens quickly and in an efficient way.

Source: website from Roomless Rent


Trustpilot score: ★★★★☆
Uniplaces started out exclusively as a student accommodation platform. Although they have since expanded, they remain experts in finding accommodations for international students. Searching for a place to stay has never been easier and time-saving. In addition, the helpdesk helps out with specific questions and even acts as a moderator between you and the landlord. There are some known instances where people can’t reach them through the form on their website. In that case, it is best to send them a message through their social media.

Uniplaces started out exclusively as a student accommodation platform

Student Room Flat

Trustpilot score: ★★★★☆

If you can be sure of one thing with Student Room Flat, it is that you will receive good service. They really have the best interest at heart with the students and contribute to the experience of a fantastic Erasmus. In addition, they approach you with a real sense of community that makes you feel like a friend. In short, they are very confidential!

Source: website from Student-room-flat

Housing Anywhere

Trustpilot score: ★★★★☆

Another way to book your home away from home in an easy way, is with Housing Anywhere. The platform offers a wide variety of choices in different price ranges and locations. In general, clients who are students, are very satisfied. They even describe the platform as an absolute lifesaver for people going abroad. However, please keep in mind that – even though customer service is highly responsive through mail and phone – there are cases of landlords being neglectful about which Housing Anywhere can do very little. So carefully review everything first and don’t make any hasty decisions. Be aware of the fact that the process of booking is done through a realtor-estate agency which involves high agency fees.


Source: website from Housing Anywhere

Mestral Group

Trustpilot score: not available

The Mestral Group offers very centrally located residences in the premium areas of Barcelona. Their selection is not too large but what they offer is of tremendously high quality, and not to forget at a decent price. This organization is very student oriented and therefore are close to the main universities and the metropolitan transportation network.

Source: website from Grupo Mestral

There you go, now you have an idea on how or where to book your student accommodation in Barcelona. Already looking for activities during your stay in Barcelona? Keep a close eye on our website in order to stay tuned for upcoming events. Prefer social media? All the better! Thanks to our Instagram and Facebook, you won’t miss a single tripparty or activity. Hope to see you soon at one of our events!

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