Best trips from Barcelona for students

We all know that feeling of wanting to switch things up once in a while. When you’re an Erasmus student who’s living in the city, this is no different. Sometimes you just yearn for a change of scenery. And that’s totally fine. In fact you’re not alone. Lots of international students join our trips to get away from Barcelona’s city buzz for some time. For that reason, we put together a list of the best day and weekend trips from Barcelona for students.

City escapes close to Barcelona

We’ll start with the places that are easiest to get to. Further down, you will find trips to places that are more distant from Barcelona. Make sure to always check out our website to be up to date on all trips organized by Erasmus Barcelona. Chances are high we’ll organize a trip to one of the places listed below. What that means? A lot of benefits at a good price, obviously!

1. Sitges

As mentioned above, this trip is the closest one to Barcelona. A 40-minute drive is all is takes to get there and feel welcome in this upscale beach resort. In the first place, you might know Sitges for its International Film Festival however it’s also known for its stunning beaches, shopping, wonderful gastronomy and great nightlife.

Since Tarragona is another 40 minutes away from Sitges, it might be a fun idea to combine both trips in one weekend.

2. Montserrat

Do you like yourself a challenge? Hiking around Montserrat’s mountain will for sure push your limits. The jagged mountain with rounded rock formations makes a stunning, dramatic impression. Complete one of the hiking routes to get beautiful views and feel the power of this mysterious mountain​​. To get into the whole vibe of what Montserrat stands for, you should visit the iconic monastery that houses the virgin of the Moreneta. Every year this pilgrimage site attracts not only many Catholic pilgrims but also interests tourists. Just like you!

The jagged mountain in combination with the monastery, make for the perfect trip from Barcelona for students.

3. Tarragona

The old Roman capital of Tarragona is a must-see when you stay in Barcelona. On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, a well-preserved Roman aqueduct, forum and circus are the main highlights that attract people to visit Tarragona. But apart from Roman ruins, the town is full of old buildings and even hosts the biggest Castells competition. So you should definitely go on a stroll in the historic centre and look for the Gothic cathedral. Are you interested in history? Join Erasmus Barcelona on the next Tarragona trip!

Take a trip to Tarragona for the Roman ruins and a great weekend getaway. Students love pairing it with a visit to PortAventura

Tarragona is very close to the spectacular amusement park PortAventura. If you go for the weekend, we advise you to spend a day there!

4. Girona

Another thriving Catalan city is Girona. It’s a lot smaller than Barcelona but manages to capture every architecture lover’s heart. The medieval Gothic and Baroque buildings in combination with the lush gardens, make for a heart-stealing beauty that is rare in today’s world. The creators of the series Game of Thrones shared the same opinion and filmed there. Especially, the cathedral – that dominates the horizon – may look familiar. Step in the characters’ footsteps through the cobbled alleys in the Jewish quarter and stroll along the Onyar river to see houses with facades in all colours! It’s also worth it to have a bite to eat here as the city has a rich gastronomic scene.

Several places in Girona were used as a filming location for the Game of Thrones series

5. Figueres

History and art lovers, pay attention! This one’s for you. In this town you’ll get to dive deeper into the world of Salvador Dalí. Figueres being the birthplace of the pioneering surrealist is the reason it’s home to the marvellous Teatro Museo Dalí. It used to be the former theatre but was transformed into the palace of surrealism as we know it today. Definitely worth your visit and impossible to miss due to the giant eggs on the building. After your visit, you should have a drink or snack at the terrace of a bar or restaurant to soak up and in indulge yourself in the great atmosphere.

6. Costa Brava

You can’t miss out on this iconic coastal stretch that is basically Europe’s favourite beach destination. How could it be any other way? The coastline does boast over 100 km of coastal towns, each with their own distinct features and assets. But what they generally have in common are the coves of turquoise water hidden between cliffs and the historic shoreline paths. Therefore, this is the place to be if you’re in the mood for beach hopping while feasting on Catalonian dishes in between switches. Sunbathe at one beach, snorkel at another,… The good life!

A trip from Barcelona to Costa Brava is in high demand by international students who love beach hopping

7. Andorra

For this one, you’ll be crossing borders. Neither situated in Spain nor in France, this country is a micro-state located in the heart of the Pyrenees mountains. During the summer months, you can go on scenic hiking routes and during the winter, the slopes for skiing are opened. The best of both worlds! However, fresh mountain air is always a guarantee, whatever season you decide to come. Also make sure to find the impressive, glass pyramid tower of Calder which is a major tourist attraction. Don’t leave Andorra without having bought something there. You deserve to get a taste of the tax-free shopping paradise!

Andorra is the best trip if you want to experience the tax-free shopping paradise, a few hours away from Barcelona

8. Mallorca

This island is among the most famous ones in Spain. Mallorca or Majorca lies in the Mediterranean and is famous for its fantastic beaches, caves and mountains. Its capital, Palma de Mallorca has no less than 200 beaches, all with several beachside restaurant and bars. Besides chilling on a beach, the island offers mesmerizing views such as the green pine trees in the old town, the port and the sunsets in the mountains. Mallorca is already a charming place but takes it a step further with its lively nightlife that attracts people from all over Europe.

Are you going by plane? In less than an hour, you’ll arrive at your destination. But the ferry might be a more fun and unique way to get there. It takes about 8 hours to reach Mallorca. However, if you take the ferry at night, you can catch up on some sleep on the boat. Rather start having fun right away? There’s a restaurant and a bar that will keep you busy throughout the boat trip.

9. Ibiza

Ibiza… The name on its own sounds like music to many people’s ears. Thoughts of wild nights full of pleasure cross their minds. And they are not wrong. If you want to experience the true Spanish nightlife, there’s no place to go to other than Ibiza. Definitely try out the famous Pacha nightclub! But the island has more to offer. Ibiza Town is a charming seaside town with a nice centre where you can find numerous restaurants as well as many options for water sports, shopping and other leisure activities.

Take a trip from Barcelona to Ibiza if you want to experience the true Spanish nightlife, ideal for students

Getting there is similar to how you get to Mallorca. So you have the choice between the plane and the ferry. The flight takes just under an hour and the ferry takes about 9 hours.

Now you have an idea of the best trips from Barcelona for students. Looking for more activities during your stay in Barcelona? Keep a close eye on our website in order to stay tuned for upcoming events. Prefer social media? All the better! Thanks to our Instagram and Facebook, you won’t miss a single tripparty or activity. Hope to see you soon at one of our events!

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