English language Cinemas in Barcelona


English language Cinemas in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with a long and storied history, but it’s also a place that’s always looking to the future. That’s why it’s no surprise that Barcelona has become a hub for international cinema–and especially English-language films. There are tons of cinemas in Barcelona where you can catch the latest releases from Hollywood and beyond. If you’re looking for something more indie or foreign, there are also plenty of options. And if you want to watch a movie with subtitles instead of dubbing, you’ll find plenty of options there too!  Here are some of our favorites of English language Cinemas in Barcelona:

#1 Yelmo Cines

address: Carrer de Salvador Espriu, 61, 08005 Barcelona

#2 Filmoteca de Catalunya

address: Plaça de Salvador Seguí, 1, 08001 Barcelona

#3 Multicine Balmes

address: C. de Balmes, 422, 424, 08022 Barcelona

#4 Cines Renoir

address: C. de Floridablanca, 135, 08011 Barcelona

#5 Verdi Barcelona

address: C/ de Verdi, 32, 08012 Barcelona

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