Top 3 applications for renting a room in Barcelona

Top 3 applications for renting a room or apartment in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most sought-after destinations in Europe for people from all over the world. Living here is one of the best things that you can experience in your life. A lot of tourists even after one visit to this magical place, decide to move here. Then you can discover the things that Barcelona is offering. Barcelona has everything, you can find here wild nightlife, authentic food, vintage stores and food from all over the world. You can enjoy an amazing old part of the city and a new part of the city, mountains, sea, trips, and much more. And because of that, finding a room or apartment here is a border on the miraculous. Here we want to show you top 3 apps for renting a room in Barcelona!


Renting a room in Barcelona?


Due to the high demand, you can face a lot of problems with renting a room or apartment at a good price. But don’t worry, all of us have been in the same situation. That’s why we want to share with you the 3 best applications for renting a place in Barcelona. We will help you find your dreamy flat and enjoy Barcelona in a good condition of life! A lot of people prefer to come to Barcelona without an apartment and stay in a hostel while searching for a place. You can do that, but for sure you will feel safer when you will rent an apartment earlier. Imagine that you will come here with all your luggage, after a long trip. You want to have here amazing apartment and a warm and cozy bed. We want to help you with that because it’s not easy!


Check out this applications:

  1. Badi

Badi is one of the most used applications to search for a flat or a room in Barcelona. Badi already helped more than 6m people with finding a place for themselves. The application is free. You are creating your profile there and then you select the location, move-in date, and the length of your stay. After that, you get access to the listings that match your needs. When you will find your perfect place you can request a chat with your new roommate or landlord. In case the lister accepts your request you can chat with him and set up more details. It is an amazing app because it also shows your future roommate’s interests. For example, your favorite movie, favorite type of music, and how you like to spend free time. Remember that making a good first impression is very essential on this app.

  1. Idealista

Idealista is another amazing app that can help you find a flat or a room in Barcelona. There are hundreds of houses and rooms, as well for sale and rent. You need to create there a profile. Also it is always better to put there your contact number, WhatsApp number, email, and some information about yourself. That you will make your profile more legit e and more interesting, You need to select the location and all the amenities that you want to have in your apartment. Then when you will find the dreamy places you are can request for chat and wait for responses. Also, don’t be disappointed if somebody will not respond to your request. It is normal in Barcelona, you can’t modify a little bit your filters and search for more rooms and apartments.

3. Fotocasa

This is also a very popular app for finding a room or a flat in Barcelona. It is working on basically the same conditions as Idealista, also you can buy or rent a house, room, or flat. You are just setting your filters and then it’s time for searching and requesting for a chat. It’s very easy to use. You won’t have any problems with that! Fotocasa has more than 1,5 million properties at your disposal.


Also, we have been in the same situation so here you have some useful tips for renting a room or a flat in Barcelona:


#1 Don’t pay any deposit in advance. It is very common in Barcelona that people pay a deposit and then they arrive on the spot and an apartment doesn’t exist.

#2 If you want to rent a place before your arrival. Talk to people on video calls on WhatsApp, you can show yourself in a better light, and also you will be sure that you are talking with a real person.

#3 Remember to upload interesting and nice photos and make a good description of yourself. It will give you bigger chance to get a lot of responses.

#4 We highly recommend you find a flat with AC and heating (winters in spain can be very cold).

#5 Be aware that not every room and flat in Barcelona is free wi-fi, so always ask for that.

#6 Also washing machine is not common in Barcelona and this is a very good convenience.

#7 Not every room in Barcelona has a window, but it is very important to have a natural light in your place.

#8 If you want more tips check our articles about the best ways to find accommodation in Barcelona and the best districts to live in.


When you will find your perfect place, we are sure that you will want to explore Barcelona and Spain and also you will want to meet new friends here. We have a great opportunity for you, you can join us on our trips and parties with Shaz’s guest list and make Barcelona your second home! Stay tuned for our upcoming events on our website, Instagram and Facebook page, we hope to meet you soon at one of our events.


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