“Blau Student Housing” Barcelona creates unforgettable experiences for students!

Outside View of Blau Student Housing: A modern white building with trees in front of it

Have you considered living in a student residence in Barcelona? Imagine waking up in your comfy room, jumping into your own bathroom, then having a great morning workout in the gym downstairs with your buddies who live just a few rooms away from you. Later in the evening, after you return from the uni, you unite with all your friends from the residence to hang out at the rooftop pool before you all head out for a crazy night out in the city. Sounds like a dream? At “Blau Student Housing” this becomes reality!

Even better news? With Erasmus Barcelona you can save 500 euro when booking (keep reading for details)!

This newly built residence has capacity for 265 students and is located in Sant Martí, a brilliant neighborhood that has everything you can ask for: supermarkets, public transport, clubs and the beach within walking distance. No matter if you want to live in a single or double room – a bunch of different types of accommodation, like  studios, apartments or lofts are available in the residence. Every room includes a bed, a huge wardrobe, desk, its own kitchen and bathroom. You can fully concentrate on studying and enjoying the city as the rooms get cleaned weekly.

Fun fact: In all the beds of Blau Student Housing, there are exactly the same mattresses as those used in the luxurious and emblematic W Hotel of Barcelona.

Pool area at Blau Student Housing: wooden terrace with loungers and a blue nice pool

Bunch of activity options!

Within the residence you will find many options for connecting with other students as they provide a wide range of activity options. Watching a movie in the cinema? Hanging at the pool with a fantastic view of Barcelona? Or having an intense workout at the gym with modern technology? You decide! And the best: You will find all these options in one building! The residence’s own app will also serve you to stay connected and updated about life in the residence. 

Blau Student Housing wants you to fully focus on your studies and enjoy the time in Barcelona. This is why they have community assistants who can help you whenever you need something as well as they provide a safe environment with 24 hours security a day. To ensure that you can study successfully you will find maximum speed Wi-Fi in every corner of the buildings.

Do you want to combine your stay with learning Spanish?

That is no problem here, as this residence has its own language academy. No matter what level you are or how many hours per week you want to spend studying, there will be a suitable option for you.

A modern and Cosy Loft Apartment with white and wooden elements

Save time and energy with Blau Student Housing!

You’ve likely heard about the challenges of finding accommodation in Barcelona.  If you want to avoid the headache, the scammers, the dark rooms without air and windows and many other struggles you may face during the room-finding process, you should definitely consider living in Blau Student Housing. They are the guarantee that your stay in Barcelona will be as comfortable as possible surrounded by a  great community of other international students!

Save 500 euros off your booking per academic year in Blau Student Housing with Erasmus Barcelona! Check out the details and your benefits below:

Academic year service:

  • Duration: Minimum of 10 months
  • Timeframe: September 2024 to June 2025
  • Get your benefits: with Erasmus Barcelona you will receive a €50 discount per month off your monthly payment (for a 10 months stay you will save a total of €500).
  • Book via this link and you will automatically receive the discounted rate!

Short stay summer service:

  • Duration: 2 to 75 nights
  • Timeframe: July 1 to September 15, 2025
  • Get your benefits: with Erasmus Barcelona you will get a €5/night discount each night. Additionally, a complimentary 1-hour per day Spanish language course is also included during your stay, valued at 10€/night, resulting in a total discount of €15. You can opt for additional hours of Spanish courses as desired.
  • Book via this link and you will automatically receive the discounted rate!

Blau Student Housing offers the ideal combination of comfort, convenience, and community for your stay in Barcelona. Say goodbye to the hassles of accommodation hunting and immerse yourself in a vibrant, secure environment where studying and enjoying the city go hand in hand. Enjoy the exclusive discounts through Erasmus Barcelona, and make the most of your time in the fabulous Barcelona!

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