Why you should live in a student residence in Barcelona

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When coming to Barcelona, you not only have to find the best trips and parties (obviously you found them with us) but also have to deal with the question: Where to live? No worries, we got you!

Finding accommodation in a foreign country can get time consuming and nerve wrecking. Student residences solve these problems as they provide everything you will need. Even though they might cost a bit more, living with other students can be worth it. We collected some benefits as well as put together a list of the best student residences in Barcelona!

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1. Saving time

Searching for a place to rent can be time consuming as you have to find something that meets all of your needs. Contacting people, while sometimes not even getting an answer can be frustrating as well.

2. Not being affected by fraud

Unless you have friends in Barcelona or already are in the city, it can be hard to be sure that the place you are about to rent actually exists as there are always scammers, even on professional websites. With student residences you can start your travels without worrying.

3. (Almost) everything included

Beside the room the costs for water, electricity or WIFI as well as activity options are included in the price. All the rooms will also be fully furnished and equipped.

4. Safety and Assistance

Big cities can be unsafe in some places. Therefore, many student residences have 24 hour security for you to feel safer in your new home. Also, there will be assistance to help you at any time.

5. Bunch of activity options

Many residences have bars, a pool, gym or even cinemas. You do not have to search for good ones whenever you arrive, there are already waiting for you to try them out.

6. Great community

As student residences often provide common areas you will never be alone. Right from the beginning you will have other students from all over the world to connect with.


The best student residences in Barcelona  

1. Blau Student Housing

Outside View of student residence Blau Student Housing: A white modern building with trees in front of it

Imagine calling this modern residence your new home! (www.blaustudenthousing.com)

Waking up in a comfy room, having a great workout with your gym buddies at the gym to later hang out at the rooftop pool with all your friends. Sounds like a dream? At “Blau Student Housing” that becomes reality! This newly built residence is located in Sant Martí and has capacity for 265 students. What sets this residence apart from the others is its own language academy which is in the same building.

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2. Livensa Living

A rooftop pool with loungers and a fantastic view of Barcelona at student residence Livensa Living

Swimming while enjoying the fantastic view of Barcelona. (www.livensaliving.com)

Living in a modern comfy room while enjoying a bunch of activity options and being able to concentrate on having a great time in a beautiful city: Calling

Livensa Living your new home will boost your Erasmus experience. Beside several room options (single, double etc.) they offer a pool area, gym, common rooms and more. What are you waiting for?

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3. Beyoo Living

Common area of Beyoo Living with a pool table, soccer table and blue walls

Endless fun: The common area at Beyoo Living Marina. (www.beyoo-living.es)

Having privacy in a nice furnished room while being able to always join other students at the pool or gym to make unforgettable experiences: This and more is Beyoo Living. The modern student residence has two great locations in Barcelona, which provide everything you will need to enjoy your stay.

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What are you waiting for? Book a room now to get rid of your worries and enjoy your stay in this wonderful city with other students while making memories for a lifetime!

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