Summer activities in Barcelona you don’t want to miss

Hi, there! Getting all excited now that summer is knocking on the door? As you should! You have studied or worked hard for an entire year and deserve nothing less than a wonderful summer full of joy and happiness. So it’s more than normal that you’re currently preoccupied with figuring out how to fill in that summer. Wondering which summer activities in Barcelona you should consider? We’ve handpicked some of the most fun and entertaining activities that are special about the summer season in Barcelona.

Enjoy Barcelona even more with these summer activities

The city has something to offer all year round. But during summertime, several seasonal activities pop up that you don’t want to miss. Explore the different possibilities below. Make sure to enjoy them while you still can!

Open-air cinemas

No one likes to sit inside a warm, dark room when the weather is good. Luckily, that’s where open-air cinemas come in. With it, the musty room is exchanged for a bright, starry sky in the open nature. During summer, a few open-air cinemas are opened in the city. For example, you can enjoy a magical movie night on the beach of San Sebastián with Cinema Lliure a la Platje or at Montjuïc castle with Cinema a la Fresca.

So get started and figure out what movie you would like to see. Head for the beach if you would like to see an independent film for free. To see the latest new movies, head to Montjuïc Castle where you can see them in return for payment.

Watching a movie with friends in an open-air cinema is the perfect summer activity in Barcelona

Are you an international Erasmus student who is worried that the movies will be dubbed in Spanish? No need to worry. The films are English spoken and are subtitled in Spanish.

Magic fountain

For this one, Montjuïc is once again the place to be. With its explosion of lights, music, colours and of course water, the magic fountain puts on an entertaining performance every summer. People in attendance are not only blown away by the spectacle in itself but also by the idyllic location at the foot of the grand staircases leading up to Montjuïc. This scene, combined with the excellent weather, makes a lot of people want to enjoy a picnic during the show. Moreover, missing out on this show is not a thing as it takes place 5 times a week. From Wednesday to Sunday. And perhaps the best news about all of this… it’s totally free for you and your friends to enjoy!

Barcelona's magic fountain is a refreshing summer activity that is loved by many

Drinks on rooftop bars

Yes. You read that correctly. Rooftop bars are a thing in Barcelona. Starting around May, most luxury hotels open up their rooftop bars with breath-taking views of the city. Of course, you can expect to pay more than you typically would for enjoying cocktails. You get to thank the unique location for that. There’s a great deal of choice in the city. To name some hotels with impressive rooftop bars: Yurbban hotel and Ayre Roselló Hotel

Impressive rooftop bars with extraordinary views can be found all over the city during Summer

Outdoor swimming pools

Why would someone in Barcelona want to swim in a pool? The city is literally surrounded by several beaches that give access to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. However lots of people think that way which causes those beaches to be in high demand and usually packed with people. And sometimes all one wants is tranquillity while refreshing yourself on hot days. Outdoor swimming pools are ideal if you do want to enjoy some aquatic fun but in a different way than usual. The city has many outdoor swimming pools available. These are some of them:

Outdoor swimming pools are the perfect solution if you'd like some aquatic activity on hot summer days in a different way than usual

Check out their opening hours and prices in advance!

Barcelona’s ice bar

Having trouble escaping the heat during summer? This ice bar will cool you down without a doubt. At Somorrostro beach on Passeig Marítim, you can subject yourself to sub-freezing temperatures while having drinks. At this bar, everything is made out of ice. You’ll find sculptures and furniture in ice, as well as drinking cups that are entirely made out of ice. To make sure you don’t have to deal with the cold, this place offers warm winter jackets.


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La Verbena de Sant Joan

Fireworks and bonfires is what you get during Saint John’s eve on 23 June. This night of the year is known as “la nit més curta de l’any” which translates to “the shortest night of the year”. It marks the beginning of Summer. Reason enough to celebrate, don’t you think? The Catalans think so too! That’s why they set off fireworks and burn large bonfires while dancing the night away with a drink in their hand until the sun rises.

Who doesn't want to celebrate the beginning of Summer?

Music festivals

If Barcelona is something, it’s that it is a world capital for music. People all over the world are familiar with its festivals. Especially with the well-known Primavera Sound and Sónar. However there are many other options such as: Vida festival, Cruïlla Festival and DGTL.

  • Primavera Sound: June 2nd – June 12th 2022. Enormous music festival at Parc del Forum featuring the latest rock, pop, and dance acts.
  • Sónar Festival: June 18th – 20th 2022. Huge electronic and experimental music festival with the biggest names in the industry.
  • Vida Festival: June 30th – July 2nd 2022. Festival in Vilanova near Barcelona that features indie legends.
  • Festival Cruïlla: July 6th – 9th 2022. Less famous festival beloved by locals for its mix of rock, reggae, Latin, and Catalan music at Parc del Forum.
  • DGTL Festival: September 2nd – September 3rd 2022. Great for electronic music. Also features a lot of design and art.
Summer activities in Barcelona of course include the several music festivals

Local “Festes Majors”

Every district of Barcelona, has its own traditional neighbourhood party. Throughout the year all these wonderful celebrations take place. The two biggest ones are in Gràcia and Sants in August. In this article, you get to know more about some of these Festes Majors.

The best activities in summer must be the "festes majors" in Barcelona's districts

Other summer activities in Barcelona

Barcelona events in June

  • Festival Jardins de Pedralbes: June 7th – July 24th 2022. Diverse concert series in the elegant gardens of the Royal Palace.
  • Gay Pride Barcelona: June 23rd – 26th 2022. A classic parade about LGBT.
  • Brunch in the Park: June – September 2022. International DJ sets at Montjuïc Mountain on Sunday afternoons

Barcelona events in July

  • Barcelona Beach Festival: July 2nd 2022. Dance on the beach while enjoying sets of some of the world’s most famous DJs.
  • Festival Grec: All throughout July. An international theatre, dance, music and circus festival organized at the Montjuïc Greek Theatre and other popular venues.

Barcelona events in August

  • Circuit Festival: August 6th – 14th 2022. One of the most important gay festivals in Europe.

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