Erasmus Barcelona trips  – why students swear by them

As an Erasmus student, it’s tons of fun to discover the new city you’re living in. Although Barcelona has a lot to offer, sometimes it gets a bit monotonous which may cause you to desire to escape to another place for a while. In that case, trips are the best solution! With Erasmus Barcelona, all you have to do is bring your best mood and put on your most wonderful smile. The organization, transport planning and worries are completely for us! Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

Our promises

With Erasmus Barcelona, all Erasmus and international students can go on little vacations while experiencing their life abroad. You’ll be invited to join to get to know lots of places outside of Barcelona. And the good news is, there’s a bit for everyone. Fond of nature? The beautiful hikes will blow your mind. More of a party animal? On our trips you’ll party like never before. It just depends on what you’re looking for.

But of course it’s easy to make these promises. Therefore, it may not always come across as sincere. For that reason, we give you the opinion of those who have experienced it themselves. So you really know where you stand!

What Erasmus students are saying about our trips:

  • Well-organized thanks to professional team
  • Lots of opportunities to make new friends
  • Great variety of trips in Spain, France, Andorra and Morocco
  • Affordable and high-quality
  • Best Erasmus organization in Barcelona
  • Transport is punctual
  • Clear communication
  • Trips are supported with user-friendly app
  • Indispensable when looking for the whole Erasmus experience
  • Amazing way to discover places
  • Worth going again

These are just the most prominent things that have been said, based on our reviews. Want to read more? Take a look. The numerous good reviews will get you all excited!

Ready to go on a trip with Erasmus Barcelona?

Are you convinced and would you like to attend in the near future? Be sure to check out our upcoming trips on our website and pick your ideal vacation. In our tab trips, you can find more information on all planned trips.

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