Where To Party In Barcelona – The Best Night Clubs

Do you want to party in Barcelona? Barcelona’s nightlife is impeccable! Going out in the Catalan capital, will never disappoint you. Its clubs, discos and bars offer a variety of music genres that attract party animals from all over the world. Are you ready to discover what the night has in store for you in this beautiful city? Great, you’ll learn about the hottest places in terms of nightlife. However, first things first!

Going out can increase your expenses rather quickly. Yet there is a way to keep you from unnecessary costs while still experiencing the best time of your life. How? With Shaz list, you get free entrance to more than 40 parties in the best clubs of Barcelona! I know, sounds to good to be true. Good thing is … it really is true! Contact us or go to our website to find out how to enter clubs for free. Your wallet thanks you!

Party in Barcelona in an affordable way with Shaz list

So weekend or not, you’ll always get to party in Barcelona. Check the clubs that are listed below to guarantee yourself of a great night out.

Night Clubs for partying in Barcelona


Do you like listening to jazz, R&B and funk but absolutely love hip-hop? Then this place is right up your alley. Every day and night of the week, locals, international students and tourists gather in this underground club to party or enjoy some live music. Located near the popular Plaça Reial just off La Rambla, this spot with its huge dance floor is sure to keep you entertained throughout the entire night. As one of the oldest clubs, the spot carries a lot of history. Something that is reflected in the alternative atmosphere and makes the place unique and one of the best night clubs!

Jamboree attracts a lot of international people who are looking to party in Barcelona

Don’t wear inelegant sportswear or football shirts, bouncers can sometimes make a fuss about it. Also remember to skip lines with Shaz list!
18+ only


This enormous venue perfectly displays the industrial spirit of the district of Poblenou in which it is located. With its maze of rooms, this nightclub is able to host multiple DJs on weekends. Are you not satisfied with the music on your particular floor? Then go to another floor and explore the music that this room offers. In other words, you have a wide range to choose from thanks to the 5 different spaces! Fancy a social evening with a non-pretentious atmosphere? Then head out to party in Barcelona’s Razzmatazz.

Razzmatazz has 5 different rooms to party

In case you get lost and don’t find your friends, it’s best to have a charged phone with you. Perhaps bring a power bank to be sure.
18+ only


This is not your ordinary club. During the day, Shôko is a restaurant but once the night falls, the magic happens and it transforms into a nightclub. Having it’s location right on Barceloneta’s seafront promenade, it is the perfect spot if you’d like to strike up some beachside glamour. Their themed parties and events, mostly attract tourists or an audience of international students. So this place really has it all. A restaurant that offers high quality Oriental and Mediterranean food, a lounge terrace with sea view and an elegant nightclub that ensures a spectacular experience.

Shoko is both a restaurant and a club

Dressing relaxed is allowed. Opting for smart clubwear, is probably the safest choice. Avoid beach clothes and gym wear at all costs! Join Shaz list for free entry at Shôko until 01:00. If you’re lucky, you can also sign up for the free diner. Keep an eye on our website for all upcoming benefits!
18+ only


Probably one of the more well-known clubs is Downtown Barcelona. In this place, you’ll soak up the young university atmosphere while dancing to the latest hits. If you get lucky and there’s a themed party going on, your experience is guaranteed to be unique! The special effects and jaw-dropping technology will absolutely blow your mind.

Downtown is one of the better known places for partying in Barcelona

Dress casual but elegant. Tired of waiting in long lines to enter the club? Say no more! With Shaz list, you not only get free entry until 01:00, but you also skip lines by entering on the left. So worth it!
18+ only


This fashionable, exclusive nightclub is home to high-profile customers between 25 and 40 years old. Therefore dressing in style is a must to get in this high-end place. Luckily our guestlist is here to help but still it’s important to pay attention to their high demands. Once in, you’ll blend perfectly with the rest of the partygoers and the surreal decor. Out of all clubs, Sutton is definitely one of the fancier clubs in Barcelona. In the mood for a glamorous night out? This venue will certainly meet your needs.

Sutton is the place to be if you're in for a fancy party night

As mentioned before, you can rely on Shaz list for getting in. Get in for free by joining here.
21+ only !!!

These 5 clubs will make you have the best nights of your life! In order to party in Barcelona, we suggest to stay in one of the following neighbourhoods:

  • Gothic Quarter
  • Sant Antoni
  • Barceloneta
  • Gràcia

These are among the best areas for nightlife with plenty of bars and clubs. Don’t miss out by checking our offers and upcoming events. With Shaz list, you might get in for free in one of these bars or clubs! That’s the only way to experience the nightlife of Barcelona in an affordable way.

Not a day goes by without a party in Barcelona. Get more info about our parties here! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can’t wait to see you at one of our events!

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